Kristin Kirk on her Healing Process

I’ve mentioned healer Kristin Kirk before and a healing session I enjoyed last year.

During a recent talk, she explained some of what she experiences during a healing session and how this has evolved. Her terminology and how she describes the layers is a bit different than you see here but as I’ve mentioned, it depends on how you count and label the colours in the rainbow. 🙂

Be sure to read the Note at the end mentioning how DNA, karma, the spine and astrology are all superimposed.

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14 Responses to Kristin Kirk on her Healing Process

  1. michael says:

    Have done the remote healing she offers. It actually is not remote but divine beings do the work. Clearing, expanding, deepening on all the known layers and on layers of myself i have never ever experienced before. It was an absolutly incredible experience. Would recommend it to anyone who is open to such things.

    • Davidya says:

      I experienced similar. At the time, she was newly working on the cosmic body which is remarkable in itself. And she continues to grow with leaps and bounds. Remarkable woman.

  2. michael says:

    Yes, she truly is.

  3. Davidya says:

    Kristin has released a longer version of the above talk that includes a prior section talking about the layers in general.

    The process she describes is a bit different than here. My focus is on stages in consciousness and the related refinement. Oneness is with consciousness and the contents of it.

    Her focus is on refinement and unfolding the layers. The oneness she mentions is with the layers or “game boards”. This oneness is in being or I Am. That leads to oneness in consciousness when we get to that board or kosha.

    Another way of seeing the process, depending on what is dominant.

    • michael says:

      Hi David!

      She talks about Self/no-self, and that of absolut non-existence. Would that be brahman in your model (the absolut non-existence)?

      • Davidya says:

        Hi Michael
        Not sure. Not enough reference points. She only talks about the first part of it and some aspects of awakening can be experienced that way also.

        But probably.

        • N says:

          I was wondering about that as well, and it sounds like it to me when I listen to some of her other clips. For instance in this one she describes what sounds like BC and she distinguish it from UC:

          • Davidya says:

            Ah – thanks. It’s a little hard to tell sometimes as BC can sound like awakening in some ways – the discussion on Falling Away of Self is touching on that as Adya has used “no-self” for both. Also experiences are not the same as being/ realization.

            This clip does refer back to a prior Unity and mentions some features of GC as well. So it sounds like it. Interesting she still uses the layers to define her progress, although that has been the more prominent for her, unlike most.

            Given her access to things I’ve never seen arise prior to Unity, that also supports it.

    • NN says:

      Hi David

      Can you elaborate on this a bit: “Her focus is on refinement and unfolding the layers. The oneness she mentions is with the layers or “game boards”. This oneness is in being or I Am. That leads to oneness in consciousness when we get to that board or kosha.”

      I don’t quite understand it, but would like to. Thanks!

      • Davidya says:

        Hi N
        There are several ways of modelling the unfolding process. One is by mapping our progress through the layers of creation or koshas (described here:

        This is leaning on the refinement side and the progressive awareness of subtler and subtler layers.

        However, the weakness of this approach is it varies widely what sequence we become aware of the different layers in. And how we experience them. She mentions some will skip layers in the video, for example.

        Founding the process in the unchanging/ stages in consciousness is more consistent and why the sages of yor have generally favoured this approach.

        In my working model, I place the unfolding of layers as a subset which we can become aware of before or after certain shifts.

        There is also a distinction between recognizing we are what we’ve been experiencing (as she described) and actual Unity in consciousness. In the second, we are the container of all the layers and unite with all aspects as they arise in experience. This is quite distinct from a growing I Am sense.

      • Davidya says:

        Another way we can look at this is deeper and deeper values of the dream or appearance of creation without reference to the source.

        That route is natural for some but far more prone to getting side-tracked.

  4. Isabella C. says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I was very inspired by the video.

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