What is Clarity?

What is Clarity?

I talk a lot about the 2 primary aspects of awakening – Consciousness unfolding to itself and sattva or clarity. But what is it that becomes more clear?

I sometimes talk about clarity in terms of the awakening heart and refined perception. But these result from clarity in consciousness on the corresponding layers of being. So we have consciousness as awakening and clarity.

To explain the distinction we can think of consciousness awakening to itself as shifting our relationship with consciousness. We become it (awakening), recognize it in the objects of perception (Unity), and then go beyond it in Brahman.

Awakening takes a degree of clarity, which varies quite a bit for people, but the refined values of the stages need quite a bit more.

This clarity results from what we might call polishing the mirror, the vehicle of knowing. At this point, we’re soothing and smoothing the dynamics and flow of awareness. We can look at the Yoga Sutra, for example:

Yoga is the complete settling of the activity of the mind.
Then the observer is established in his own nature.

As Mind is an effect of consciousness, settled mind means settled, clear awareness and being settled in our own nature as awareness. This allows awakening.

But to gain refined perception, that same settledness is needed through other layers of experience – emotions, senses, intellect… then consciousness is free of fog and clear to perceive much more refined values. Then the mechanics of consciousness become apparent and the hand of the divine.

To use an analogy, we might think in terms of an ocean. The average person experiences mostly the wind and storms on the surface. As we settle more into the ocean itself, the storms calm and the opportunity to awaken arises. But to reflect the sun well, the ocean has to calm on all levels, not just the surface.

If someone moves into stages in consciousness with less clarity, they will talk of emptiness, world as illusion, detachment, and so forth. They may be more inclined not to move further or to go into a drier form of Unity.

When the refinement of clarity arises, much subtler nuances become apparent. We’ll talk of fullness, world as divine play, intimacy, the light of life and of consciousness, and so forth. They’ll be much more inclined to experience the refined stages of God Consciousness, Refined Unity, and the layers of Brahman.

But there are all kinds of variation in what is clear and what not. Not to mention the various styles of experiencing it.

At deeper levels, clarity allows the unfolding of Refined Brahman and ParaBrahman. Then we can’t say it is consciousness that is becoming more clear but rather the vessel of knowing.

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  1. K

    What I am slowly coming to realize is that clarity applies even to what many would consider the mundane and trivial aspects of life. The divine is never unconcerned with any aspect of experience.

    1. Right, K – it’s about everything. Do we see the world as heaven or hell?

      It’s a curious thing. On the one hand, the divine doesn’t care what colour shirt we wear. And on the other, is directly involved in all layers of experience.

      The point of this being is a very specific unfolding of those aspects of the divine. The mechanism of experience, the process of unfolding, what is experienced and discovered… its all managed by the divine.

  2. alex

    Beauty in simplicity. Process repeating itself on and on at the next level.
    You can say that clarity in a sense is slow awakening as “it” ( person, consciousness ..), then there is awakening from it to the next level (person to universal for ex.) , then again maturation/clarity as it , and awakening from it.
    And what a wonder human body is to facilitate all of this 🙂

    1. Hi Alex
      Yes, the awakening process is in many ways all about clarity, but this extends throughout life. Awakening isn’t really a process separate from life. It is life itself, flowering to itself.

      And the trick is – the body itself is part of the process. It’s very existence is an expression of it. We are vehicles for That to know itself.

  3. Most fascinating to me is this part, DAVIDYA:

    “If someone moves into stages in consciousness with less clarity, they will talk of emptiness, world as illusion, detachment, and so forth. They may be more inclined not to move further…”

    It’s amazing that, living at this time on earth, when big evolution is possible, an evolving person can go way beyond this. I’ve seen it happen and bet you have, too.

    1. Right, Rose. Many get stuck with concepts of being done or that they “know reality” based on some odd interpretation of ancient texts. But in fact, initial Awakening to Self is like the kindergarten of enlightenment.

      There is so vastly much more to it. Like what this all is, why it is, what’s doing it, and so on.

      And what is reality without the Divine? Certainly not reality. No wonder they see it as a vast emptiness. (hint – emptiness = of space, an element of creation. Not causal. Not ultimate.)

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