Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

Peter Russell is a physicist I mention occasionally. We met at the SAND conference, but in less than desirable circumstances. On the plaza, he was confronted by someone seeking “The Answer” to all their suffering drama from “The Expert”. I stepped in and directly answered their question. But because they believed in their pain, they couldn’t accept the answer. Progress happens when we’re ready to hear. But that’s another story.

Dr. Russell has background in research in consciousness. He often gives a talk on the Primacy of Consciousness. I’ve also mentioned Bernardo Kastrup’s approach.

Recently, I ran into an essay of Dr. Russell’s on our perception of reality, told from the context of the Alice in Wonderland story: Alice in Quantum Land. Only Alice is discussing things with a quanta of light.

Not just a physics lesson, the story gives an interesting way of talking about how life can be experienced as fully here and now, as if space and time are just ways of seeing. I particularly like the quote:

“What you observe as the speed of light can be thought of as the ratio of manifestation of time and space. For every 186,000 miles of space, there appears 1 second of time. It is this ratio that is fixed. This is why the so-called ‘speed’ of light in your world is always the same.”

The only change I’d make is reversing this. It is the process of experience that gives rise to our perception of time. When we distinguish a progression of events as time, we experience them unfolding into the space of consciousness.

The story may give you an inkling of how reality changes when our relationship with consciousness changes. Where we’re looking from makes a big difference.

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  1. The formula implies the size of space can be calculated from the size of time. If we calculate based on Vedic time, a day of Brahma would calculate the size of the universe.

    However, as I’ve noted elsewhere, we have Human time and devic time, so devic space would be larger than our physical space. Which is true. (see also Nested Space)

    As space is manifest from the unfolding of time, this implies the mechanism for the expanding universe. Our clocks tick it off.

    However again, as our relationship with consciousness changes, our relationship with space and time also do. This means that the size of space and time are relative to the observer, much like speed is. And that means that the size of space is relative to consciousness rather than being fixed.

    Perhaps space can be said to contract as the number of experiences to be processed is reduced. Eventually it comes to rest in a night of Brahma. However, some suggest experiences pick up where they left off in the next Day and it’s only when creation itself completes that everything is wound down. Here, that remains to be seen.

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