The Omni’s

The Omni’s

As we progress through the stages of development in consciousness, we come to know some key qualities of divinity.

With Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness), we come to know Omnipresence. This is experienced as liberation and feeling ourselves infinite, boundless, and eternal.

If refined perception is developing, we may also come to notice infinities within infinities. I’ve talked about that in ways like Nested Space.

With Unity, we come to know Omniscience, the vastness of available knowledge. We experience this as the “inner guru”. Whatever we put our attention on, we recognize we are it and know it. Later in the process, Veda or pure knowledge, the blueprint of creation, may be realized.

With Brahman, Omnipotence becomes known. The power of the divine. This can be somewhat ironic as the first impression of Brahman is often pure nothing. An absence even of consciousness and existence. But in the deep subtlety, under the covering of consciousness, pure divinity and potency are discovered, beyond anything previously found.

It’s worth mentioning that because we experience ourselves with these qualities – omnipresence, omniscience, and then omnipotence – we may get the idea we are these things. And in a sense, this is true. But because we retain our humanity, we have one foot in infinity, and the other in the world. True embodiment of the omni’s by the divine is not constrained, even in the physical. In other words, as a human we are not universally omni-anything. We can reflect a profound value of it but not the wholeness of divinity. This is reflected by the Kala scale.

It’s a mistake some have made, ignoring their humanity and confusing themselves with God. But the effect of that is to make themselves smaller rather than more divine. Divinity is in surrender, not self-acclamation.

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  1. Jim

    Quite excellent, your descriptions of Nested Space; how the journey is made from pure noise and chaos, to what appears as a very dynamic and orderly silence, then beyond the machinery of perceiving this, to another strata of apparent silence, Brahman, that rapidly reveals the source of creation.

    In the face of such limitless and unquenchable love from the source itself, it seems extraordinary that anybody would try to usurp such a relationship, claiming it Self made. What a foolish thing to do, as the law of the source clearly demonstrates that power cannot exceed surrender.

      1. Jim

        Yes, I did not mean to imply that somehow the ego will fail to make a stand at any point, as is its nature.

        However as we progress, we make more comprehensive choices, and the gifts we are granted in a very real sense, are at any one time gifts of limitation, of stasis, of ego, and on the other hand, the gifts of expansion, those leading us further on.

        Not to say that we continually discard what comes our way, rather see the choice apparent in any singularity, and proceed from there. This can become progressively more difficult as life continues, because our increasing success can mask for a time a poor choice or two. 🙂

        With increased clarity emerging from a quieter mind, life itself becomes satisfying and it is then possible to continue to forego instant gratification (ego), even with Brahman. On the other side as life continues, spiritual practice pays greater benefits than ever imagined (or possibly, as imagined…). It never goes out of style, and is a potent reminder, with a track record, of how useful and fundamental Sadhana is.

        1. Hi Jim
          Nor did I mean to suggest you where saying such. I was just looping it back to the content of the article.

          “increasing success can mask for a time a poor choice or two.” (laughs) Yes, until clarity is complete, shadows can still sneak up on us.

          And speaking of sneaking up – sadhana is like that. We grunt along, wondering if there’s any point, seeing only slow growth. And then one day, the lights come on and we realize the profundity of the progress we’ve been making all along. But quietly, under that monkey mind.

          1. Jim

            Yes, good point about sadhana. I think many people give up at that point. I would redouble my efforts for “a sign”, and was steadily encouraged this way, until Awakening, and it was the very absence of any feedback that eventually exhausted me into waking up.

          2. Yes. I know some who stopped when they didn’t see progress. Others when they dropped away from a teaching, perhaps throwing the baby out with the bathwater. And some others when they woke up, feeling done.

            The world is full of things that challenge a steady practice. But it does bear fruit, assuming of course the practice is a suitable one.

  2. michael

    Hi David!

    There is a saying from Jesus about this (do not know where this is written): “Have i said i am God? No! I have said i am one with him. (paraphrased)

    Reading this text from you brought a well of inner revelation.


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