Stages of Brahman

Stages of Brahman

Of course, Brahman doesn’t have stages. But we do typically experience stages in the unfolding of Brahman.

I’ve mentioned before how there are process similarities between the Brahman (BC) shift and Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness (CC)). (the stages) For example, people experience CC as a shift out of an ego or me-sense into cosmic Self (atman) or no-self. BC is experienced as a dropping of the cosmic Self into Brahman. Adyashanti has recently spoken of his “no-Self” shift, less commonly using it to refer to the BC shift rather than the CC shift.

What is shifting between CC and BC is quite distinct and there are various subjective varieties in both of them. But the similarities remain and a lack of language has lead many to confuse descriptions of Self Realization, Unity and Brahman. For example, thinking Self Realization is non-duality. But you’ll notice there’s much less confusion around God Consciousness because many don’t even recognize it.

Over the years, I’ve had several conversations with Jim F about his observation that the CC, God Consciousness, and Unity process in consciousness is mirrored post-Brahman. I describe (from the Yog Vasishtha) the Brahman stages as Brahman, refined Brahman, and ParaBrahman. There is certainly parallels, not to mention the tendency for processes to repeat in creation. We’ll confirm his observation over time.

On a recent retreat, Lorne Hoff mentioned how holiness is discovered in [refined] Brahman. Then beyond that is pure divinity. I confirmed pure divinity was ParaBrahman.

This is rarely spoken of as the subtlety required to recognize holiness in Brahman is a great deal more than the refined perception of the celestial and “heavens”. Yet even that is not so often recognized. But when it is, perceiving the mechanics of consciousness only works for Atman.

Lorne explained that the mechanism for Brahman was dissolving chhandas, the object aspect of the subject-object relationship in consciousness. While this distinction collapses in Unity, it takes some time for this hiding aspect of consciousness to fade from the habits of experience.

As chhandas fades, divinity is uncovered. I explored the stages of refinement here.

Rather remarkable the stages we go through to get from typical human waking state to ParaBrahman. But this also can be considered normal human potential in the larger arc of history.

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  1. michael

    Hi David!

    Does it mean that this pure divinity (parabrahman) is now becoming more prominent in your “experience”?

    When i read about pure divinity i felt like something deep within remembered something…..but have no words for yet.

  2. Jim

    Thanks for more on a favorite topic. (

    Yeah, the key distinction between the stages of refinement of Brahman and the transcendental stages of consciousness, is that our identity does not fundamentally change in Brahman, it endures, along with the refinement. Instead of noticing a huge shift in perspective, this is more of an inclusive process.

    Due to the No Self nature of Brahman, not to be confused with the initial liberation of the Self from the mud, identification becomes limitless. We can now try on every hat, so to speak, without becoming lost in any identity, including our own. The prior maturity from CC to GC to UC is seen in an inclusive way, without having to get lost as the Self in any of these transcendental states of consciousness. Always a chuckle to recognize that the Self as liberated as it is, remains an infinity and a boundary, both.

    The No Self [of Brahman] coalesces into a recognition of the creator of the creator, and from there, all of Her gifts are released. Only a matter of time before we delight in all of them. Now that we finally stand upright, mom treats us like adults. 🙂

    It is so vitally important to recognize that all of the transcendental states are unified in Brahman, that in the maturity and subsequent merge of the Self into Brahman, nothing is lost except an incomplete view of the journey.

    1. Well put and great points, Jim.
      Agreed that it’s not a sequence of perspectives as in consciousness. More an unfolding of depth and clarity.

      And yes, while CC, GC, etc were each distinct and one fell away for the next, all become available in BC.

      The new adulthood. 🙂

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