Ecstatic Surrender

Ecstatic Surrender

I’ve spoken here before about the layers of bliss. The bliss kosha or layer of being is already universal but as we settle deeper into higher stages of development, we shift out of experiencing ourselves as purifying a personal body-mind into clearing the cosmic. We also shift from waking up locally to waking up the environment and laws of nature, waking up the whole.

The shifts themselves are prominently a process of surrender. Just a brief moment is required for the Self Realization shift, for Self to see Itself. But Unity then requires a much deeper surrender that becomes ongoing and progressively deeper. Lorne Hoff called this a perpetual surrender.

When you combine this process of surrender with the process of shifting to a cosmic perspective even in the body, you move from a letting go into what might be called an Ecstatic Surrender. A surrender of the cosmic enlightenment into divinity.

I’ve talked of examples of rapture on the blog but this goes well beyond that. And just as you may hope a rapture doesn’t happen in public, more so with an ecstatic surrender.

Of course, how this shows up varies by the local laws of nature. It’s well beyond what we have language for. But you may see forms of it in the very awake. The effect this has cosmically cannot be underestimated. It is a gift to all of creation.

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