Is Brahman God?

A question came came up in correspondence I’d not thought much about – Is Brahman God?

It’s an interesting consideration. We might simply say yes, in the impersonal sense of God.
After all, in God Realization when we merge with the divine, we transcend Atman and become Brahman.

But to say Brahman is God is a bit of a generalization.

To explain, the Vedas describe Brahman in several ways. There is ParamBrahm, the one non-dual totality. But this is total unmanifest nothingness. Myself, I don’t equate that with God although it’s not distinct from God.

Within that boundless nothing are 2 aspects. Not really qualities but in that direction: alertness and liveliness.

Nirguna Brahm is Totality without qualities and unmanifest.
Saguna Brahm is Totality that is “becoming”. That liveliness stirs the alertness to become aware. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi described the mechanism as memory (Smriti). That remembers itself, stirring it into qualities.

At this point, there is nothing expressed but the qualities of awareness and intelligence are alive. This is what I associate with God, the formless impersonal. Shiva as observer. God the Father.

I wouldn’t say Nirguna Brahm is more or less than Saguna or even that there is any real difference. But for me, divinity is inherently awake to itself.

It’s possible my opinion on this will change over time but at this point, to me God is alive Brahman.

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3 Responses to Is Brahman God?

  1. Davidya says:

    This reminded me of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s infamous tape 8 in the 70’s SCI course. In it he said “Existence becomes conscious then intelligence becomes intelligent.”

    This is about the mechanics of consciousness and becoming, a little further along. But it points to the same principle I mention in the article.

  2. Terry Ferguson says:

    Hi, David, I remember being confused about the line “When Existence becomes conscious, then Intelligence becomes intelligent” back in 1972! I later realized that some punctuation made all the difference, as I show it above. Pure Existence is the unmanifest God or Nirguna Brahman. When IT starts to stir then its Pure Intelligence aspect becomes intelligent as created beings observing and participating in the Creation. We “individuals” eventually awaken in stages to realize our inherent Oneness with All that Is. In my current studies Master Sha talks of the Normal and Reverse Creation process where Tao (All that Is) becomes One (in his parlance the Hundun or blurred condition); One becomes Two (yin/yang dualities, Heaven and Earth); two becomes three (Hundun plus Heaven and Earth); Three becomes All Things (Wan Wu). Then it begins the Reverse Creation and All things return to Three, Two, One, and finally back to Tao. Kashmir Shaivism also details this return journey beautifully but that should be a discussion over lunch some day!

  3. Davidya says:

    Hi Terry
    Agreed- thanks for sharing your thoughts. Elsewhere here, I talk of how the 3 becomes the 7 becomes the 12 becomes the many. But yeah – just depends on many colours you want to count in the rainbow. 😉

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