Dear Prudence returns

Dear Prudence returns

A few months back, I posted an interview with Dr. Prudence (Farrow) Bruns, the Dear Prudence of the famous Beatles song from India and sister of Mia Farrow.

This month, they released her talk from the Our Conscious Future conference in the summer of 2013. Here she goes into much more detail about her early spiritual period. They oddly twice start playing the song over the first part of her talk but then can it. Her allotted time is far too short and she only gets as far as settling into the India course in ’68. But I enjoyed the story to date, if incomplete. And yeah, I grew up on the Beatles music.

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  1. How delightful, David! Prudence was the first one to teach me yoga asanas; it was in 1969, when I was on my first residence course in TM.

    And when she and her husband had their son Logan, I wrote a poem for them. Prudy was the first woman I knew who was more-or-less my age who had a child.

    Just a bit long ago….

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