Lit from Within

Lit from Within

An interesting article in a local monthly, Common Ground. About Jacques Lusseyran, a Parisian who lost his sight in a boyhood accident and went on to work in the French resistance, survive a concentration camp, and teach literature in the US.

He learned to “see” light again, but not physical light. Rather from an “inner place” that was not localized. The radiance accompanied by joy indicates the koshas, the light of life also known as the celestial. The article doesn’t mention seeing the celestial itself, just the light of it coming through things. Even for the sighted, this can be bright enough to overshadow specific colours, like walking around in a golden ocean of light or seeing the light shining out of objects, especially living things. Sometimes the flow may be seen too, the light flowing through or around things.

He also saw various colours around people and could thus tell their character. This would be energy perception or auras, also called energetic literacy. They mention another author feeling colours with the skin as an example he used.

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