Stages of Energetic Literacy

As we’re now in the energy age, it’s time we developed some energetic literacy. That is, the ability to read energy properly. To take it up a notch from “feeling vibes”.

Rose Rosetree does an excellent job of qualifying the stages of development of this skill, so I’ll use her model. I’ve had experiences of all of this but this is not an arena I’m skilled in yet.

Stage 1 is being able sense energy in general. Also an intuitive sense of “vibes” and possibly seeing a little non-physical colour. Perhaps even a sense of sacredness.

This is what a lot of “energy healers” teach as a skill, the beginning stage.

Stage 2 is being able to tell if specific chakras are open or closed and make general readings about their feeling state. Being able to see or feel aura layers. In other words, being able to discriminate more but in a general way.

This is as far as most teachers on the subject go that I’ve seen.

Stage 3 is being able to read chakra information like a book, in fine detail. You can know if someone is telling the truth and why. You can read their gifts of the divine. You can read specific chakra databanks – their size, qualities and info. Auras can also be read from photos or video. Rose gives quite a few examples of this on her blog.

Funny thing is, these skills are easy to learn. It just takes practice like any other skill.

Energy Spirituality requires Stage 3 literacy, the mode of healing distinct from Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

More recently, Rose has begun to talk about 2 more stages where the understanding is still evolving with experience.

Stage 4 is being able to pull out energetic holograms from any incident. Initially, only from when you were with them in “energetic real time” – either in person or on the phone. With experience, you can also pull out energetic holograms described by somebody else. I would expect this will extend to being able to read any holograms by simple reference to the person.

[Update – see comments] This kind of literacy supports the use of equally profound healing techniques. of course allows helping to resolve that energy directly. Key with much of this is making it conscious so it can be resolved.

You may notice a similarity to what some call reading “akashic records” but I would note here the healing element. This is not framed as an exploration but a healing.

Stage 5 is observing energetic subroutines in action. An energetic sub-routine is a habitual sequence in the firing of chakra databanks and the qualities and strength they contain. These patterns can be dysfunctional, “like bugs in computer programming” notes Rose.

Observing these does not require an incident as with Stage 4, just a slight memory. Then one can flow into the incident in consciousness and slow it down, noticing the sequence. You can then introduce Vibrational Re-Positioning to correct it – a new sequence of steps is introduced to change the old subroutine.

For helping a client, she offers a recipe to use as homework that will soon dislodge the old subroutine and get them accustomed to the new flow.

Again, the key is in making it conscious. Once conscious of itself, it can be altered. Also note that the finer we get, the closer we are to consciousness itself. Fascinating that it’s getting right down into fine vibrations and flow. As Rose notes, “There are components of [an] energetic subroutine that can go from one incarnation to another, and the time to change them can be NOW.

She also makes note that although an enlightened person has cleared all Stuff (astral debris), energetic subroutines may still be present. She uses a physics analogy where Stuff is particles, subroutines are waves (flow).

Typically, the process is of gradually becoming conscious of energy dynamics and resolving them. Gradually getting more subtle. Developing the literacy would make this process much smoother and faster. Then you can enjoy skilled enlightenment.

One note here – some people get a little weirded about people reading others. And certainly there are times and places where it’s appropriate or not. But the fact is, we’re broadcasting our feeling states and history all the time. It’s very useful to learn to upgrade that for both our quality of life and the energy quality for those around us.

About 5% of the population are empaths. Most of them are unskilled, reading others energy all the time. This is not unethical, it’s just unskilled. Again, it’s time we learned.

Mighty fascinating to see this unfolding.

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13 Responses to Stages of Energetic Literacy

  1. David, you have written a masterful summary about the current state of energetic literacy practices as used in the form of energy spirituality now being called “Rosetree Energy Spiritualty.” — That name used just because many people are doing many things now, under the general heading of “energy spirituality,” you know?

    Thank you for adding to the understanding in collective consciousness and, especially, the blogosphere. 🙂

  2. The one clarification I would propose, David, is about your statement that Stage Four Energetic Literacy “of course allows helping to resolve that energy directly. Key with much of this is making it conscious so it can be resolved.”

    It is very important, I think, to distinguish between aura READING (or Skilled Empath Merge, or any other technique for energetic literacy that proves effective)…

    In contrast to aura HEALING.

    I use — and teach — techniques for both. And because I have spent many thousands of hours doing both of these for clients, it is very clear to me that an aura reading is not a healing.

    Energetically nothing is “resolved” or healed by doing energetic literacy — even all the way through to Stage Five Energetic Literacy.

  3. So one final technical point, assuming this seems appropriate to you, David, at your so magnificently technical blog —

    One timely distinction between aura reading and aura healing is that this month the United States Patent and Trademark Office made official the trademark for Vibrational Re-Positioning(R).

    This is not a trademark for Stage Five Energetic Literacy. It is a system for using that literacy to facilitate permanent aura healing.

    If all this doesn’t make sense, ask a question and I’ll do my best to answer.

    Just as I am committed to helping anyone gain fluent skills for energetic literacy would love to transform the healing practices in mind-body-spirit to be effective, at least when it comes to this emerging field of energy spirituality.

  4. Davidya says:

    Hi Rose
    Thank you for bringing this out. And thanks for making several good clarifications. I clearly see the need for differentiating techniques in the marketplace. All energy work is not created equally.

    And your second comment is a very good point. It is an article on Literacy and I drifted into Healing applications. Partly because I’m working on an article about it. And partly because it’s a profound application of literacy.

    But you’re right to distinguish them. Energetic literacy does not by itself a healer make.

  5. Davidya says:

    I updated the quoted line to more accurately describe my intention.

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  13. Davidya says:

    Rose has written an update, breaking this down into 15 Stages!

    The first three are the same, the 4th is now a series using empath skills, if available, and so forth.
    4 above is now 12.
    And 5 is 14.

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