The Ordinary Awakening

The Ordinary Awakening

This is a time of the ordinary awakening. This means you. Not those born under the brightest stars, but the ordinary person as well.
— Gangaji

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  1. Yes. From the perspective of the Self, there is all the time in the universe. There is no rush for the switch. It is when the process of knowing the world in that way is complete, it’s time for the next chapter.

    The veil is seen through and a new unfolding begins.

    1. Hi Morgan
      This particular post was just the quote, not an article. Gangaji sends out newsletters with single line quotes like this. I share them occasionally.

      Sometimes, I do riff on the topic more. But this one seemed enough. Ordinary people are waking up all over, not just those who have spent decades in caves and monasteries, etc.

    1. Hi Gina
      For most people, waking happens with a catalyst, usually someone already awake. And usually in person. However, you can shift from a video or writing too if the time is right. Many have woken with L&L Hoff, for example, but a couple have reading my book or this blog. You never know what the apparent trigger will be.

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