Healing Process

Healing Process

In Layers of Healing, I talked about how we could discover issues that are physical, emotional, and energetic. We could add mind in there but that’s about equivalent to how I was using “energy” in that article. The chakra/energy system begins with the bliss body and runs right through into the physical. We experience it as life, breath, prana.

Physical, emotions and mind are the three layers that carry the detritus to be healed. The process though can vary by circumstance and technique.

For example, in the article I wrote it in terms of progressively deeper healing. Healing the diet, healing the emotional drivers of eating and healing the mental/energetic drivers under that.

But the reverse process also takes place. Rising conciousness, spiritual techniques and such may tend to work from the inside out. In that case, an energetic driver may be resolved but some emotional habit may continue – even if its origins may be resolved. Simply due to habit. At some point, these will tend to wind down because they no longer have oomph behind them. But being somewhat conscious of the process and supporting it makes it faster and smoother.

This also reflects the larger evolution taking place in the world. As consciousness rises, people are being changed from the inside. That is tending to push unresolved stuff to the surface. If someone is not very conscious of this, they will tend to be reactive to these apparently uncaused feelings and blame someone or something else. Of course, this also triggers a resistance cycle and lots of unnecessary thrashing. We see it play out writ large in the world and the news.

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