In case you are unaware, tomorrow is the UN International Day of Peace. There are events happening all over the world. Some are being live-streamed in a 24 hour schedule. (PDF)

They ask: Who will You make peace with?

If you’re in the Vancouver, BC area, there is a free concert and the 2nd annual attempt at the world’s largest human peace sign. The Mayor has officially proclaimed it “Kindness Day.” (The local theme)

One of the performers, Ranj Singh, an Indo-folk-rock musician and fav of mine, did this related song.
Peace, Ranj Singh:

(That’s the seawall in Stanley Park)

Another fav, Denise Hagan will be there. Plus a number of other musicians I really enjoy. Not to mention Brock Tully himself.

Here’s my fav Ranj song, Fly Away, performed by the river. It’s with his former band, The Discriminators. The sound is not as good but its a great song. This version has a slow build:

Just remember – Peace begins within.

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  1. Davidya

    The event was a lot of fun. The predicted rain became sun and we got larger numbers than last year. Nothing like World’s Largest yet, but still hundreds came out. And Ranj did do the Peace song. 😉

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