Get Out Of The Way

Get Out Of The Way

From a House Concert I was at a few weeks ago:

Michelle Briggs – singing and organizing the fundraising event
Brock Tully – on Harmonica, and the man behind the World Kindness Concert
Bill Sample – Piano
Don Osborne – Bass

Another great one: My Sisters Keeper

UPDATE: This evening (Feb. 26) was Brock’s 65th Birthday. We celebrated in a packed church with over a dozen performers. Michelle did the above song with Brock. Michael Vincent did Down the River as at the house concert but with more backup singers. Denise Hagan did Let It Be. Ranj Singh did a hilarious song “written” for Brock but devoid of words… Fun with heart  😉

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  1. Davidya

    Thanks Raz. It was a lot of fun. I went early to get a good seat and still ended up near the back. It was standing room only.
    If you click one of the Youtube links directly, theres a bunch of other clips from the event on the right.
    Take Me Down the River, for example, includes other musicians with long histories and some fame.

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