You may think of “co-creation” as another one of those New Age nonsense ideas, another entitlement trap. And indeed, concepts like that can certainly be degraded into such use.

But the basic idea is sound. We have a hand in creating our experience of the world. How we respond to circumstances, what we put our attention on, and what we give our emotional energy to all contribute to our experience of life. We can have a surprisingly big impact. And this is irrespective of who we consider “we” to be. Even the detached observer is directing attention.

Post-Self Realization, there is development of finer perception and awakening of the heart on a whole new level. This leads to our appreciation of the mechanics of creation and our role in it. Then we don’t have to believe all this from indirect evidence.

But we have to remember that we’re not in this alone. For one, we are part of a whole, moving together through life. We should frame our goals accordingly. We also have a team of beings working on our behalf. And the power of our attention is greater than we know, growing with spiritual progress. The third book of the Yoga Sutras (the siddhis or powers) exemplifies what attention can do.

If we’re finding what we want is not what we’re experiencing, there are a number of reasons why this may be so.

1 – Karma, the momentum of the past. Sometimes our life turns like a slow ship at sea. Karma is a complex weave of relationships that go back long before any of us were born. Don’t try to figure it  out, just recognize this momentum. And, as the sages tell us, All arises from Self-effort. Act.

2 – Habits – similar to the above, the vasanas or inclinations cause us to respond or feed our experiences a certain way, sometimes culturing what we don’t want. This is one we can pay attention to and note how we’re feeling (giving energy). Are we dwelling on what’s wrong and why we can’t? Making excuses for our life? Listen to the stories you tell other people.

3 – Shoulds and Musts – our conceptual obligations to things being a certain way. If we’re attached to it showing up in a certain form, we may find that nothing happens until we’re willing to let our expectations go. Wish but allow it to arise in the best way. You may find what you thought you wanted you don’t or that what shows up is better.

4 – Uncertainty – If we’re not internally clear or we’re uncertain about some aspect of our goals, we’ll tend to give conflicting signals that can negate progress. We may alternate our dreams with doubts. You’ll probably find some resistance in there. Some past experience or fear is casting a shadow, or there’s a habit of feeling non-deserving. Don’t fight it. Just don’t believe it, doubt the doubt. Pay attention to the attention.

Sustained resistance may also be producing a balancing frustration. (it may seem counter-intuitive that resistance is balanced by frustration but energy works in polarities. Not all polarities are what we judge as good and bad, + & -.)

5 – Gratitude – if we’re dissing our life as it is, we’re not culturing energy that supports happiness but rather giving attention to what we don’t want. I’ve found it useful to culture gratitude. Not only for our emotional tone but for supporting those that work on our behalf. As well, Forgiveness can be a profound way of breaking logjams.

6 – Need of the time – remember that all happens in the context of the whole. It will happen for you when it’s best for the whole. Nothing personal.

7 – Dharma – that which sustains and keeps things in balance. This is closely related to the above. We may see this show up as obligations to fulfill. Again, if we cooperate with the process, it’s much smoother. But don’t try to second-guess dharma either. Just move toward your goals and see what shows up.

If something is important to us, it’s worth paying attention to how we feel about it and how we think about it. Get clear on what’s really important to you, give it your positive attention, allow it into your life, and notice your feelings around it – that’s the energy you’re giving it. Don’t fight for it. Keep your attention loose and do things you enjoy doing to keep it light. Don’t be hard on yourself – life is meant to be enjoyed!

Enjoy already!

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