To quote Monty Python, and now for something completely different…
In the style of using Youtube clips to communicate, here is my response to some friendly chiding.

Vancouver Ad

Vancouver Yoga

A flash mob that launched a 10 day party
(during the Olympics)(in February)

And to be honest, Vancouver stereotypes that are true:

And yes, we wear socks with sandals. I like Tevas.

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14 Responses to Vancouver

  1. gnomevomit says:

    I think Vancouver—>Seattle—>Portland is like the evolution chart of the hipster. Vancouver is fertile for hipsters though. Did you make that first video?

  2. Davidya says:

    Hi GV
    No – thats a Lululemon yoga clothing ad. (their logo is everywhere in it) I dunno about hipsters but the Pacific NW was certainly fertile with HipPIES in my generation 😉

  3. Share L says:

    Made me laugh out loud before morning meditation. Yay!

  4. Davidya says:

    I got this in a response – Vancouver Sunrise from Burnaby Mtn.

  5. Share L says:

    Beautiful! And guess what? People wear socks with sandals in Iowa too (-:

  6. Davidya says:

    Yeah, but are they from Iowa? A fellow in Chicago said that just the over-70’s wear socks in sandals there. I’d say it’s the reverse here.

    Glad you enjoyed. You might like the sunrise clip in comments too…

  7. Share L says:

    When I said beautiful I was referring to the sunrise clip. Tho I suppose it could also be said of socks and sandals. And at least one under 70 person in Iowa wears such (-:

  8. Davidya says:

    Right. because of the sequence of posting, I thought you might not have seen the clip but realized after thats what you referred to.

    I still say a native Iowan would be unlikely to wear socks with sandals. And those guys who don’t wear shoes even in winter – definetly not from Iowa. 😉

  9. Charles Longfellow says:

    Speaking of Yoga Vids…

  10. Davidya says:

    Yo! from our southern neighbours. 😉

  11. Share L says:

    More laughing before morning meditation. Great to know that dynamic co existence of opposites is still happening SOMEWHERE in the Universe (-:

  12. Davidya says:

    Certainly in CA 😉

  13. Raz says:

    Awsome =)

  14. Davidya says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Raz

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