Being with the Awake

The most important thing you can do on a spiritual journey is to transcend, to step into samadhi. The most effective way I’ve found for this is an effortless mantra meditation.

In previous articles, I’ve spoken of the importance of Community but I’ve come to see this as more important than I once placed it. Being around others on our spiritual journey helps support us and can help get us out of some of the materialist mindset.

But we also want that Community to include the awake. People who are awake give us a living example to resonate with. I don’t mean their behavior or attitudes but rather their Being. If they are connected deeply enough, they will radiate that. This will enliven our own awakening and help the Self to recognize Itself through us. There is also the “popcorn” effect. If we’re around others who are awakening, it can help us switch too.

Note here that the person does not become enlightened. We simply help support the process. And the best ways we can are direct experience within ourselves and direct experience of living embodiments. Meditation and Darshan.

Being with the awake can include their books, videos, conference calls, satsangs, and retreats. The more live, the more potent the benefit. I don’t know anyone who’s woken through a book or video but they can be helpful. I do know some who’ve woken listening to the awake on conference calls. And many more in person.

It’s notable that the awake tend to congregate because being around others awake amplifies the awakeness. So around the awake, you’ll now often find others awake. This of course makes the effect more potent.

At one time, being with the awake was a difficult thing to accomplish. As little as a decade ago, you’d probably have to go somewhere like an ashram in India. A generation before, you’d probably spend years walking around there, trying to find a suitable example. But now, the awake are showing up all over. And surprisingly large communities are coming together.

The process gets easier and easier. But don’t wait for your train to arrive. This train will come only when we begin the journey ourselves. 😉

(had a few days off so managed a couple of articles)

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2 Responses to Being with the Awake

  1. Tina says:

    Thanks for your article, Davidya! I’m new on my awakening journey and at times have felt some guilt for desiring Community. Like it was a sign that I’m still living too much in my ego. I have felt as you wrote that they “will enliven our own awakening” and “help support us”. So thank you…I’m going to stop beating myself up for seeking like-minded people to connect with. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Davidya says:

    Hi Tina
    Thanks for the comment and welcome to the journey you’ve now become conscious you’re already on. 😉

    Relationships – both intimate and not – can be a great mirror for our process and issues. And on the flip side, with the awake can help enliven and resonate with our higher self. Purify the path and move down it. We may get the impression from some teachers that silence and withdrawal are the means to awakening. And certainly, there is an important role for silence, for transcendence, as I mention. But for awakening to occur, we have to bring that silence into activity. Integrate it with the world. In India, they have an old saying. To make the colour fast, you dip the cloth in the dye, then you bleach it in the sun. And repeat. Transcendence and activity, until they are concurrent, and then further when they are found to be one and the same.

    Enjoy the journey.

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