Life flows
Where does the river flow?
we know where it’s going
Why do we always ask?
do we think we can control the river?
do we think we need to control the river?

Just let it flow
and just look
where you are now.


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  1. Share

    I am the river flowing
    into the ocean I am
    I am the question and
    the answer too
    In every moment and forever
    I am Life unfolding itself
    like a leaf in the summer sun
    I am the Love that welcomes
    even the unwelcoming one

  2. Davidya

    Yam fries! yeah!

    I yam a yam fry
    yam a yam fry
    yam a yam fry

    you are what you eat
    and what you see
    and what you touch

    you are what you taste
    and what you smell
    and what you hear

    you are what you feel
    and what you think
    and what you do

    be do whop!
    yam fry nibble

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