Sinking in a Dream

Sinking in a Dream

The Cosmic dream bubble broke, and I sank in the sea-heart. The little bubble of my perception sank in the Infinite. I bounded over creation’s dream waves; my bosom heaved in the sea; I breathed in the wind; I moved with the star motions; I watched the dream elements of multi-million glimmerings, multi-trillion light specks. I saw the atom rivers flow past me through the pores of the blue, and through the pores of my body, and of my life. I dreamt within a dream. I dreamt many dreams of life within this God-made dream. I dreamt sorrow; I dreamt joy; I dreamt health; I dreamt sickness; I dreamt birth and death; I dreamt matter and spirit; I dreamt larkspurs and robins; I dreamt light and gloom; I dreamt myself and I dreamt God and Soul. I dreamt the divisions of time; I dreamt of past, present and future. I dreamt space and dimension. I dreamt ignorance and knowledge. I dreamt good and evil. I dreamt relativity and unit[y].

I dreamt long and sighed at my nightmares, when the gentle touch of the omnipresent fingers of Divine Mother love awakened me.

The cosmic dream bubble broke; the body bubble, the mind bubble, the soul bubble, all broke.

My boat of dream bubble raced over the sea of boisterous change, blown by the storms of Wisdom. My boat of life was made of iron sheets of delusive experiences, riveted together by nails of attachment, self-love, life-love, and matter-love. The Mother-sent wisdom storm grew furious. The lashings of Mother wisdom fell fiercely on the rivets of selfishness and attachment. The iron sheets of my delusion creaked and fell apart. My dreamboat of ignorance was shattered piece by piece and I plunged like a plummet into the depth of Divine Mother’s Sea-heart. My dream bubble, bubble waves of creation vanished. I sank into the heart of Oneness.

My throat of dream life choked; my dream breath vanished. My dream life died with the Cosmic dream. Then, when touched by the deepest depth of my Divine Mother’s heart, I awoke, and my Mother said in Her sweet, solacing, chanting voice, “I asked you to play with beautiful dreams; you played with charming dreams for a time, but soon I found you playing with naughty dreams. Soon I found you broken and bleeding, bruised by your dream experiences; so, My child, I called you away from the playground of naughty dreams and woke you in the Smiles of My everlasting life.”

Mother said, “In songs and dreams of My love I sent you on earth to live and dream of Me. Live, dream, and feel Me in all and with all, and in My songs and dreams depart from the earth-dream. You will meet everything, and everyone in My songs and dreams, whence there is no parting.”
—- Yogananda

(more cool, this is not just nice poetry but literal experience)

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