What Happens?

What happens when we remember our pain
and tell a story of what went wrong?

What happens when we remember our joys
and smile at everyone we meet?

What happens when we remember who we are
and find that deep inner peace?

What happens when we remember where we come from
and overflow in love and joy?

What will that do to the world?

Can you remember?

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19 Responses to What Happens?

  1. Share says:

    In my heart
    love remembering itself
    sending out tsunamis of joyfulness.

  2. Davidya says:

    Thanks, Shamballa
    One of those things that just spilled out as I lay to bed.
    Handy to have a postit note on hand.

  3. Davidya says:

    There it is.
    Love remembering itself
    through Share

  4. Share says:

    Sometimes I remember, sometimes I forget.
    Then there’s Love
    who remembers each of us
    in every new and passing moment.
    Every heart beloved and
    a post it note from God.

  5. Davidya says:

    And one day,
    you will be that which remembers.
    Then you will never forget.

  6. Share says:

    Time remembering Love.
    Love remembering the time
    when neither forgot the other
    and eternity unfurled its heart.

  7. Davidya says:

    Life, flows within itself
    remembering itself
    through feeling

    tick tock
    the heart beats
    time moves
    love remembers

  8. Share says:

    Life goes to sleep,
    dreams about a heart
    bigger than the Universe,
    surrenders to forever,
    wakens to the singing light,
    remembering the Love it is.

  9. Davidya says:

    very nice

    Life never sleeps
    though we may dream it dead
    Love never sleeps
    though we may dream it dread
    Light never sleeps
    though we may dream it dark

    can you remember
    behind the sky?

  10. Share says:

    bowing in awe

    Life awakens from a dream
    its heart is happy to recall
    where sky wondered on its own
    til Love opened even wider and
    laughed melting into Oneness

  11. Davidya says:

    love the imagery

    searched the world for itself
    failed, despondent

    and then
    turning back on itself
    found itself

    love found love

    love found love

    and saw
    it had always
    been there

  12. Share says:

    love the Truth wrapped in beauty

    Shiva said:
    Surrender to me and
    universes will appear
    Shakti replied:
    Enter into me and
    they’ll be filled with Love

  13. Davidya says:

    wrapped in beauty – the apt description

    Curving back on myself
    I recognized
    and love flowed
    life sprung alive
    light shone
    and fullness came to be

    the worlds were born
    and I curved back on myself
    over and over
    at every point
    and all beings came to be

    As each being
    curved back on myself
    and recognized
    love flowed
    life sprung alive
    light shone
    in every widening spirals of being

  14. Share says:

    Truth wrapped in beauty
    Love wrapped in light
    Heart wrapped in laughter
    Life wrapped in fullness
    Ever widening spirals of being
    Wrapped around each moment
    It’s not our birthday yet
    but let’s open presents anyway

    PS Deeply moved here and yes, speechless in awe too.
    But am Gemini so that didn’t last long (-;

  15. Davidya says:


    A moment of truth
    is a wealth of being

    A moment of light
    is an end to shadows

    A moment of joy
    is a taste of bliss

    A moment of love
    is a door to peace

    A moment of presence
    is a present indeed

  16. Share says:

    Deep inside the heart of all hearts
    every moment is an eternity
    every word is truth
    every sight is beauty
    every path leads to Love
    and Life stands in the doorway
    lighting our way back
    to the home we’ve never left

  17. Davidya says:

    An ocean
    deep within,
    mirrored without
    of pure creative possibility
    for we are none other

    An ocean
    deeper within,
    can we mirror it without?
    of pure, limitless love
    for we are none other

    We stand
    in both oceans
    of both oceans
    unbounded creative love
    for we are none other

    stands within
    the cosmic being
    heart and body of life
    for we are none other

    stands within
    the mother ocean
    pure and white and alive
    for we are none other

  18. Share says:

    in gratitude, in awe, in joy
    She and I
    open to your words
    and all that they contain
    of you and love and truth
    for we are none other

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