When a disaster strikes, either natural or man made, we may find ourselves feeling helpless and at the mercy of chance. We may feel compelled to act, perhaps through donation.

But we may also want to stop and ask – what am I offering? What kind of energy am I giving this circumstance? Am I feeding a drama or am I contributing to it’s healing? It’s perfectly natural to feel grief when faced with images of destruction. But are we moving through that or feeding it?

Haiti illustrated both – some people used it to verify a dark story about the world or Haiti. There was also a remarkable outpouring of compassion.

The Global Consciousness Project hosted at Princeton illustrates the effect that the attention of large numbers of people can have on the environment. In this case, causing random number generators around the world to stop being random. (see Main Results link)

It’s not hard to extrapolate that the quality of that attention will have an effect. What is the emotional energy that’s being fed? You’ve probably experienced the remarkable effect of large crowds of people together with “one voice”.

The recent Olympics in Vancouver was interesting that way. Street parties and dances started right away with a massive “flash mob” and continued throughout. There was a remarkable vibe of happiness and celebration. Drunken violence was minimal. Some protests occurred and a few people tried to hijack them with violence but it largely fizzled quickly and unsuccessfully. The mood was not there to engage it. In fact, there was a record number of gold medals for the host. And record warm weather for February, including cherry blossoms.

The hidden influence of social networks touches on an aspect of this. In Needs of the Time I also touched on the concern that global media is amplifying world attention while people are reacting unconsciously.

Gulf Oil Leak
Fortunately, conscious intention is quite a bit more powerful than noisy unconscious drama. Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment, for example, works to bring large numbers of people together remotely intending effects or solutions. They did an intention last Sunday on the gulf oil gusher.

Adam the Dreamhealer uses intention and visualizations for self-healing. He also organizes group healing intentions for individuals and sometimes, outside events. He has organized several such intentions for the gulf event.

“Every day at 7 PM PST – for May 13, 14, 15, 16 – hold the intention that the oil
leak in the Gulf of Mexico is stopped and the engineers are successful in doing
what it takes to stop the leak.”

Adam recommends you be well informed so the visualizations are accurate. The site has a link to the leak they are trying to plug. You can also look at:

Google Oil Spill monitoring

How much Oil?  PBS has posted a “Leak Meter”, notably with a rate slider due to wide variations in estimates.

One of the 3 leaks was stopped on Wednesday, so they are making progress.

If you want to also lobby for legislative changes, there is Avazz.
“Senator Bill Nelson of Florida has already introduced legislation to repeal plans to expand offshore drilling.”

The closing lines of the Rig Veda say it well.
“United by your purpose, harmonious be your feelings, collected be your mind, in the same way as all the various aspects of the universe exist together in wholeness.”

Never underestimate what we can do together.

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