Needs of the Time

Needs of the Time

It is curious to watch patterns in life. How we’re presented with various opportunities and challenges. Sometimes, we have a chance to express our talents in the world. Sometimes, to engage in introspection. Sometimes, to see those things we may not have wished to see. And often life is a blend of all these.

We may find ourselves seeking love or having a need to prove something. We may find ourselves processing all sorts of emotional baggage. Perhaps due to an obvious event like sickness or death but it may also arise simply as a time for clearing or healing.

We may find ourselves playing out our drives and desires. And then one day, they reach some sort of completion. Or we decide to let them go. Or move on to something else. Some desires will grow stronger as we clear the way. Especially those desires that express why we’re here in this life.

Sometimes, we may find ourselves caught in some sort of loop. Going in circles, as it where. Like in the movie Groundhog Day. We may realize we’re stepping forward, then sabotaging ourselves with doubt or shame or fear. Or it’s time for change we’ve not been heeding. Or we’re conflicted about key parts of ourselves. Perhaps we have a need to prove ourselves with a corresponding disbelief we can. Or a wish to find love but a feeling we’re unworthy of the kind of mate who will be there for us. These kinds of internal and often sub-conscious cycles can play for many years in our lives. Our entire life if we don’t take the time to stop and look.

We’ll find times where life shows us more vividly what’s been going on. Or what the game is we’re playing. We continue processing the needs of the time, until the needs fall away. Then time changes. Life takes a shift and new opportunities and challenges emerge.

It can sometimes seem like an endless chore, a bottomless pit of difficulty and drama or a never ending series of challenges. But there is an end to it. And the end comes sooner if we slow down our rate of adding to the pile. If we play the game rather than fighting it.

And one day, the divine will call. It will move through us as it always has. But now more clearly and smoothly. We will feel like an instrument of our very being and life will come to make sense in a way the was impossible before.

We will see that the work has been more than worth it. But it is a curious thing. The more we let go, the more we receive. The more we surrender, the more we are empowered. The greater we celebrate, the more we have to celebrate.

That you are sitting here, in front of a computer screen, means you are blessed more than you may realize. Shifting our attention from what’s wrong to what’s right can make a surprising difference. This should never be underestimated. In a recent interview, the speaker expressed concern about how global media is amplifying the number of people who are reacting to world events. Such news of disasters gives us the opportunity to express compassion, to amplify our story of what’s wrong, or to curse the world. That choice will make a big difference in how you experience your life and what you are contributing to your community.

What energy are you culturing in the garden of your life? What seeds are you growing? What is your choice? What happens may not be your choice but how you respond makes a world of difference.

What is the need of the time? What is your choice? Solutions are not really so hard.

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  1. Maja

    I love how we’re guided to where it is we need to go. Even though I am as calm as can be in spirit and ready to trust the process there has been some major ‘mind-clutter’ popping lately as I am facing a crossroad and needing to make a life-changing-decision. Even though I know the choice I have to make, and ‘know the need of the time’ it is still a bit unnerving to be in ‘the gap’ and then leaving life as you know it.

    Great post! You are so right, the more we surrender the more we are empowered! I will NOT try and ‘control the process’ and I’m saying YES to new opportunities… Thanks:)

  2. Davidya

    Hi Maja
    Welcome to the blog. Yes, I understand this process of change well. It can bring up those parts of us we have still not fully seen. It can seem like jumping off a cliff. But then you find it wasn’t a cliff at all, but a step up. Or a step bigger.

    Funnily enough, you will find that any idea of “control” is an illusion. We are participants, co-creators. But it has nothing to do with control. As we trust the process more and more deeply, we find the ground comes up to meet our steps. The depth of allowing marks the fullness of the experience. It is the essence of spiritual unfoldment.

    But yeah, change can let the monkey loose again! (laughs)

    Nice blog. Some very moving videos you’ve shared.

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