A Secret of Manifestation

A Secret of Manifestation

An off-line discussion lead to a few interesting points worth touching on. There’s a little trick to making things happen that’s useful to know. The mind doesn’t always differentiate between a dream, a memory and the physical world. If you dream about something and feel it happen, that desire has been completed and resolved. It will not move forward into your life. When the desire comes up again, it has to start over.

This is similar to how doubt and negativity can cancel our wishes. First we want, then we second guess, doubt and cancel it.

There are probably things you’d be happy to fantasize about but never have in your life. But some things you do want to see before you and do have a clear desire about. Check and see if you’re dreaming them away.

This is not to say that it’s not useful to visualize something and dream about it. Just that it’s important to be internally clear what is dream and what is past and what is now. If you want to see it happen, you don’t want it to end.

But this is subtle. If you resist a dream completing, you can muddy the desire. The issue is not seeing it fulfilled. The issue is feeling it fulfilled. Feeling the desire complete. Desire is a feeling value. If you want the dream to continue, you want to see these dream as a practice run.

This is where intention comes in. You have to move a little past thinking and feeling about something and give consciousness a firm direction. Some also suggest energizing it with satisfying emotion. But the key is being clear. And then you move towards it happening.

Another tricky area is around “concentrate” and “will”. We in North America have learned to try and force things. It’s better to be clear, to give it our energy but for it to happen you have to allow it, let it show up, flow into your life.  Pushing it just gets in the way. The watched pot never boils.

You may also find it useful to understand how to see intention so you can be clear what to let go of and what to give your attention to. Then you’re supporting life rather than pain. Life becomes a flow of joyful fulfillment.

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  1. Davidya

    There’s another more subtle way of looking at this. If we see that everything that happens is being done, we know that every desire has an originator.

    When celestial sight is available to us we can have a conversation with the desire. We can use imagination to fulfill the desire for the deva. Or we can take the desire forward into the world. Choose where it has expression and completion. When your heart is open, the devas will give you anything you want for your love.

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