The Song of the Brain

The Song of the Brain

Many people associate their mind with their brain. Their thinking self with the physical mass in the upper skull. But the physical brain is more like a receiver. Like a portable radio, tuned to your mind.

Rupert Sheldrake, for example, has done extensive research on his ideas of “morphic fields” and “morphic resonance”, establishing that memory is stored “in the field” rather than the brain.*

When people measure brain activity with devices like an EEG, they are not monitoring the thoughts in the mind but rather a side effect of brain activity. The ghosts of mind-brain chatter. Kind of like the hum of an old-fashioned tube radio.

Most peoples EEG readouts are random noise. Different parts of the brain each doing their own thing. The frequencies can indicate the state of mind, like the well known alpha and beta waves. But there are other interesting developments possible. For experienced meditators, research has discovered high degrees of EEG coherence between the different parts of the brain, like they are stepping into sync, behaving like a cohesive whole. In subjects who are spiritually awakened, this is more pronounced and continues outside of meditation into their daily life.

What is most interesting is the sync between the 2 lobes of the upper brain, the left brain & right brain, the scientist & artist, the logic and the lateral, the male and female aspects.

There is an experience where the 2 sides of the brain are seen as Shiva and Shakti, the essence of observer and creator. When these 2 aspects begin to “talk” and then sync, life comes into much greater balance and wholeness. Even our physical brain begins to sing its song of life. The dance of love is right here.

Of course, we’re not talking of a personal human brain but the experience of the cosmic brain, the godhead. Tuning the station to the nature of the cosmic being itself, lived through human form. This is how intimate life can be. Every aspect of our being can step into the flow of the one.

*you can explore his web site for more fascinating ideas – many of them a scientific outlook on long-held spiritual ideas. Like laws of nature being habits of the universe.

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