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In many ways, this blog is part of my own journey. While I have a prominently perceptual path, there is a strong underflow of gyan. The draw of the intellect to understand, even in the most profound experiences. This blend leads me to be drawn to organize and communicate. To share the path.

The blog reflects this process, sometimes touching on what people bring up but also on what is arising in my own journey. While my writing approach is not personal, it is in some ways very personal. It is easy to read the intellectual approach as concepts and beliefs but largely the content here is directly informed by my own and friends experiences plus those I quote. This is not a theoretical position paper. It is more an organic journal of discovery.

But it is definitely informed by the current awareness. And thus, subject to change.

While I have made some good progress, my own journey is far from complete. The awakening journey does not have an end but there does come a time when the awareness is deep enough that one is no longer in a state of consciousness but rather is consciousness itself, even on the physical level and inclusive of all space and time. This is an advanced level of unity sometimes called Brahman Consciousness.

I often compare the models and terminology I’m using to others journeys and tune them a bit. If you’ve read the blog for a time, you will have seen examples where I’ve discovered my understanding was incomplete. Where something I said was not an ideal understanding.

For example, I have slowly matured my early models of understanding as it becomes increasingly clear that Awakening is Without Rules.

I fell into the habit of calling Self realization first awakening. While this was how I first saw it, it is not always the first thing that awakens. Some have a soul awakening first, including me. (laughs) But I had not integrated that model.

Earlier still, I spoke of 2 veils, later realizing there is 3. A dream within a dream within a dream. Then I started talking of the 3 Am-Egos and the 3 forms of Maya. There may even be a 4th if we consider the intellect a veil.

More recently, it has become clear that one point of what I’ve said about God Realization is not accurate. I have suggested that Self Realization and Unity were distinct shifts whereas God Realization was a process, without a distinct realization. Well, the name should have revealed that folly.

The trouble was again concepts. Things not fitting in their boxes correctly. I will explain how this misunderstanding occurred in the next post, Understanding God Realization. But suffice to say, God Realization is very much a realization and has a distinct marker or punctuation point. But it’s not intellectual. Far more than that.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing this journey.

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