Deepest Origins

Deepest Origins

An interesting conversation with Liberated Self over on Interconnected vs Oneness. Today this arose, a little more compact way of describing fundamental reality. I updated the comment a little for this context.

Our fundamental reality has 2 embedded qualities or principles. A principle of alertness and a principle of liveliness. When the liveliness interacts with alertness, awareness arises. Awareness then becomes aware of itself. This creates an aha moment in alertness, causing the flow of love. Love stirs liveliness further causing existence to arise. Love sustains existence, creating a lively field of silent alertness. An ocean of being. This is the transcendence many experience in meditation, etc.

Another name for a field of lively alertness? Mind. The flow of love moves across mind and creation arises. Being becomes.

The way the Bible puts it: “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep”. And then “let there be light”

Of course, this is not “individual” mind but rather one mind. God’s mind. Through a series of stages, a series of subsets develop and our universe emerges, and a universal mind. And then within that, apparent individual minds. Illusion within illusion within illusion. Dream within dream within dream.

Waking from each dream is one way of describing the awakening process.

In case anyone is reading this who thinks I am suggested a philosophical construct, that would be incorrect. This is the underlying structure of reality, as described by many over thousands of years. It can be directly experienced. Of course, I am speaking from my own perspective and am using language which is inherently conceptual. Yet what arises in even the one mind is conceptual. The dream is a concept, an intention. Our world is a dream, intended by Love. But it is a much ‘higher’ conceptual framework than a personal philosophical perspective.

As a further commentary on this, people usually use “no-mind” or mindlessness to refer to transcending the apparent individual mind. If mind was entirely gone, there would be nothing to experience, no world in which you have a life. Now, one can also transcend the one mind. This is how one can experience what is beyond it, even what is beyond awareness. You might ask how it is possible to experience what is beyond awareness as awareness is required to perceive the origins of awareness. This is possible because alertness remains, even before awareness. One can be alert to awareness becoming.

As I mentioned in Neti Neti, I don’t use terms like no-mind and no-self because of the way my own journey unfolded. Because I was aware of higher mind before lower mind ended, there was never a sense of no mind. Just quiet mind. Similar with no-self. Just variations in how the process is experienced.

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  1. Davidya

    One of the tricks about describing what is becoming is that it’s not a linear process. It happens concurrently and perpetually. Back on Fullness of Emptiness and in other posts, I have described the same process but with a little different sequence.

    For a time, I tried to find the “right” sequence until it became apparent this was mind trying to make it fit a conceptual model. It is not sequential until mind. Before that, it is just Self unfolding to Itself.

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