Curtains of Mind

Curtains of Mind

Recently here, we’ve talked about the model of life as a movie theater with the observer as projector and the world as the screen. The senses perceive the liveliness and create an image in mind, thus feeding it back. (the audience) The concept is imperfect though as there is not really a “film”. The projector simply intends and the screen responds.

Fundamentally, both projector and screen are consciousness, one being aware of the other. Awareness aware of itself.

We can see that perception is what creates the world. Focused attention or intention. There are 3 parts to perception – the subject or observer, the process of experience, and the object perceived. Rishi, devata and chandas. Observer, projection, and screen.

As we approach Unity consciousness, the subject recognizes the object as itself and the duality of perception collapses. It is simply the process of perception moving within Itself. The flow.

As this develops, we see the finer detail. Attention on a point collapses infinity into a point. This causes a local dynamic of awareness aware of itself and a bubble of awareness forms around the intention. The inside surface is lively consciousness, what we would call mind.

This vibration quality enlivens the intelligence in the intention. Intelligence forms a structure or geometry – the origin of spacetime geometry. The liveliness also causes energy to flow, following the structure. Energy movement manifests field effects. Fields produce matter.

Note that seeing the awareness bubble dynamic requires awareness of awareness aware of itself, something not seen until more than highest mind is transcended.

Every object, person or idea we experience is intended, including ourselves, and thus everything sits inside it’s own bubble of awareness, sheathed on the inside with mind. The mind field or aura that some people can see is inside awareness. If mind is identifying with its perceptions, it sees only it’s perceptions and the bubble becomes more opaque from the inside. If the object is something like a rock, the awareness is much less lively.

Outside of our localized mind is a group mind. Then a mind that encloses our universe. Then a mind that encloses all of creation. This creation at least.

We could call that the one mind for simplicity. This holds God’s dream. The highest illusion. Inside that is everything ever experienced. All of the bubbles possible. Inside each progressive mind, bubble within bubble, are progressively smaller and more localized dreams until we come to the dream of the person.

The object of awakening is to step up through or awaken from all of the dreams, starting with the dream of the person, the ego.

It’s like each layer of mind is a curtain over the screen.

First we stop identifying with the me curtain and become aware of the light of the projector, then the projector itself. Then discover the process of perception, how the world becomes. And then we awaken to the main screen. So subject wakes, then object.

The curtains do not block the projector from intention and response with the main screen. All screens respond. What mind does is get is the way of perception, distorting intention and causing mis-attribution. We mistake the source.

These curtains are the illusions, the idea that there is any image separate from the whole. Gradually, they become increasingly transparent.

The more you see oneness, the more you are seeing right through the main screen. But the highest clarity is observing the whole process, observing awareness aware of itself. Seeing from behind the sky.

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