Secrets of Success, Part 4

Secrets of Success, Part 4

The Past

And finally, the big one in the closet, our past. Consciously or not, we are intending all the time. Dreaming, wishing, desiring, and craving. All of this is programming our life experience or is a response to the programming that confirms it. It creates a momentum to events in our life which will continue along in a habit driven force.

“All of your successes and failures are results of habits you have formed.”

— Napoleon Hill

The intentions of the past create what we’re experiencing now. The intentions today become the expression we experience tomorrow. We are building the future in every moment. We looked at this in Obligations above, but its worth exploring further.

When we become conscious of how we create, we can begin to choose what we’re putting our attention on. What we’re giving energy. How often are you telling people your dramas, about how difficult this or that circumstance is? While it may not be intended, this is a creative act. Everything you think, dream, say, or do is a creative act. Is this what you intend to create for tomorrow? Is this how you want to feel now?

“For every result there is a cause, and results are brought about through the use of cosmic habitforce.”
— Napoleon Hill

If you look at your life, you’ll probably find areas where things are smooth and progressing fine. And other areas that are stuck or have issues. For example, you may find work and income are established and pretty clear of problems. But relationships! Or perhaps you earn well but don’t seem to be able to keep any money. Or perhaps you’re feeling unhappy or restless and your attempts to ease that causes conflicts in other areas, like drinking, eating, or shopping too much.

Maslow’s model of self actualization illustrates that as we take care of the basics, those drivers and dramas will settle and we can progress up the ladder of actualization. In other words, before we can get consistently happy, we have to get our shit together.

We’re not talking perfection here. Just getting the basics in place so you can move forward on your passions without constantly falling over unrelated problems. For example, it’s difficult to launch a business if your finances are a mess. When you can come to terms with what is, you can begin to move forward. But if you fight it or avoid it, it will stay and haunt you.

The trick with the deepest challenges of our past is the blind spot. Karmic obligations are resistance. This causes a bit of darkness or fog. Tamas. An inability to see the situation clearly. (now you know what all that meditation fog is 😉

Some people think of karma as fate. ‘I did this in the past so I must suffer the consequences’. While it is true that the energy is seeking a balance, how it is balanced is not fixed. Again, it’s not personal so it’s not about good and bad, just balance and completion.

Most of the suffering around words like consequences and karma come from our habit response to the circumstance, not the circumstance itself. We are afraid, in victim or judging mode, or have a big story about it. We’re making problems real. This causes us to resist the experience, thus causing it not to complete easily or at all. That perpetuates it, causing it to loop back once again, seeking completion.

But how it will play out is not fixed. It depends on your response. If you continue to resist and fight the experience, the discomfort continues and the backlog continues. But if the response is more open allowing and the energy can find balance, there is much less suffering seen and a much shorter experience. Completion can bring relief, clarity, and satisfaction.

When you can step with an open heart and a clear intention that is held firmly but without holding, it is remarkable what obstacles you can overcome. Any apparent issues that may arise can be worked through with persistent attention.

Life begins to flower in blessings. Boundaries fall with our gaze.

The Secrets of Success, in brief Summary
– Seek your passion and purpose
– Observe how you are intending and creating your experience
– See how everything is about us, not me
– Find how your purpose serves the common value
– Begin to intend and act from this
– Practice Gratitude
– Learn to allow and diffuse your past obligations
– Learn to find peace with what is, now

Not only will this bring you happiness and success, it is the very journey of awakening.

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