Patient Blessing

Patient Blessing

Yesterday, on the recommendation of several friends, I went to a darshan with Mother Meera. She is said to be an embodiment of Mother Divine and offers not only silent darshan, but personal darshan to every attendee. For free.

This is a remarkable thing to do, given the loads so many people carry. Most teachers either speak to large groups or have very small groups to sustain personal attention. But in either case, that attention requires the teacher very carefully manage it as it’s very easy to take on too much.

But there she was, giving a few moments of silent attention to each attendee, one at a time. In spite of how poorly some were able to follow simple instructions. She continued for 3 and a half hours. I found the group very powerful and intense. There was another session in the evening. And another city with the same, roughly every 2 days.

She’s just completed the US part of her tour and now goes on to other parts of western Canada. She’s based in Germany due to marriage and gives darshan there when not travelling. Other than a couple of books of Q&A, there is no teaching. She does not consider herself a teacher or want followers. Her task is said to be to bring down the Paramatma light to earth. A light her first book indicates is clear, although may be experienced as white or other colours.

Also notable about the experience was that it drew people I know from various spiritual paths. Several are now awake, including two in what I refer to as Unity. The simple act of bringing that much spiritual attention together is a blessing to a community. To also help each in their connection with source is a large blessing indeed.

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