Beyond Happiness

Beyond Happiness

Mature cosmic awakening is typically characterized by freedom from all limitation, deep inner peace, and sustained happiness, all of which overshadow any drama that may remain in the life. Even deep sleep is not a barrier to happiness.

What I continue to be amazed by is that it just keeps ramping up. We get used to a high level of sustained bliss. It becomes normal. Then further opening and clearing occur and a new rapture occurs. A still deeper level of intense happiness emerges.

One that would fry the nervous system of the average bloke, as one teacher wryly observed. So we need to refine, clear and culture it so that is can be supported. Instead of culturing it to support illusions.

Most remarkably though, this is just the beginning. This is the ground on which fullness is built. As I’ve written here before, as the aspects of the person and attachment to the story and sense of separateness fall away, the crust on the heart crumbles and divine love begins to flow forth through us. This movement of love unites all aspects together into a wholeness beyond conception.

The key point here is that all that happiness is a byproduct of the flow of love. A subset, if you will. Divine Love is beyond any value of happiness and will itself overshadow happiness. When divine Love fills us up, it is beyond happiness. It is so much more.

What does one call what is beyond happiness, beyond ecstasy? Perhaps, as suggested on The Raptures, this is another tier of it, the Rapture of Love. It is divine.

Love Is

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  1. Kaushik

    Hi Davidya,

    This has nothing to do with this particular article. I’ve read articles on your site, and I’m impressed. Your journey is systematic, and possibly close to the vedantic/yoga philosophies. Mine is much simpler: it’s simply Awareness Now. Your style is a nice complement; it fills in the holes.

    I’d like your insight on a question that’s been bugging me. The question: What is the red pill of awakening?

    I can now see why I’ve lived in the “dualistic” mind for most of my life. Let’s call this the first obstacle. Once we realize that the mind-stuff is delusion, why don’t we instantly awaken? What is the resistance? (Let’s call this the second obstacle of awakening).

    I’m not looking for the usual answers. Yes, it’s the tricks of the ego, and expectations of awakening, and beliefs and desires, the meaning of awakening, attachment to practice, trying to achieve awakening, and the rest. You might say the journey is necessarily a meander, and what we need will manifest at the right time. Fair enough. But not good enough.

    What I’m exploring is this: what transcends all of this instantly?

    It seems that Consciousness would delight if we awakened. Once we see the delusion, and the intention is there, why does it take time and space?

    To put it more succinctly: wtf?


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  4. Davidya

    Ariel has a new post, linked above, where another layer opens and ones expectation of what is is expanded yet again. Often, we may think we have reached some ultimate but then it becomes apparent that there is always more love, more depth, more peace. Infinite is just that 😉

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