The Baby Boom generation has made an unmistakable footprint on North America. It is the largest demographic and dominates many markets. Some aspects of this are less pleasant, like the grip of old rock music (and musicians) or the uncertain viability of pension plans. As the boomers now move into midlife and retirement, they have been transiting the age of the ‘midlife crisis’. They are drawn back to questions of meaning and purpose. Many are returning to a deeper spiritual life.

A friend of mine sought to answer some of the questions that may arise at this time of life. Things like:
– rediscovering our passions
– embracing the opportunities of midlife
– looking for a new engagement rather than retirement
– finding practices that enrich quality and meaning
– giving back to community

The result of 3 years of exploration was a new book, Living Forward, Giving Back: A Practical Guide to Fulfillment in Midlife and Beyond.  The book already has accolades such as:
Isabelle St-Jean has written a timely and important book. She empowers us to reveal and live our deepest truth. Her writing is clear and compelling, eloquent and wise. She has lived what she shares, and the stories and examples shine with clarity and grace.
— Lynne Twist author of The Soul of Money

The Introduction says it best. (pdf)  More info:

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