A Human, Being

A Human, Being

Burt Harding is a local teacher who posts videos on Youtube and articles on his web site. In a recent article, “How to awaken Being through the human“, he says:

“…we do not see the Being simply because it is the Being that sees in the first place. …we are trying to see the eyes that do the seeing.”

He observes that we cannot see it because we already are it. When we stop the minds habit of looking ‘out there’ for it and simply be, it is revealed. He also goes on to talk about ways of clearing the veil such as forgiveness and inquiry.

The booklet is not yet posted on his web site but should be shortly.

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  1. Eric

    This thought popped into my mind yesterday: There is nothing so illusive as Self, and nothing more present. This is true for me right now. It may not be for others. For this reason I can identify with “trying to see the eyes that do the seeing”. One knows they are there, but that “knowing” creates a duality that does not exist. Does all knowing, with it’s implication of one who knows and that which is known, automatically create this duality? Or is it possible to know and be one with the known?

    All I can do is sit with this inquiry. I hope this sounds lucid. Sometimes I’m not so sure.

  2. Davidya

    Hi Eric
    The key here is “my mind”. Self is not illusive – it is ever present. But it is illusive to the mind as it does not have qualities. The mind cannot experience it. It simply Is. We can only be it. We cannot do it, just allow it to be.

    You see it very clearly. As long as there is a sense of me and no me, experiencer and other, there is duality. Even after what is observed collapses into the observer – what is seen and what is seeing are found to be one – mind can continue by habit to think of other for a time. Self moves forward and gradually absorbs all of the experience.

    Knowing about the known is one kind of reality. But this is a reality we can awaken from. Later, there is simply know. In Oneness there is no other. Knower and known come together. Mind cannot grasp this as it is beyond concepts. But we can Be that. Even the mind is That, flowing within Itself. (laughs)

    It may not be clear to the mind but it is clear to the experiencer. And that is who is inquiring, so that’s what is important.

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