Who Perceives?

Who Perceives?

As I have touched on a number of times here, most of us see the world inside out. We see ourselves as separate and the world ‘out there’. More deeply, the world is actually ‘in here’. The world originates in our awareness and is projected “out”, with the senses providing a local feedback loop.

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But there is more to this than meets the eye. Ideas like Law of Attraction and The Secret take a flavour of this and tell us that the world is a reflection of our inner thoughts. If we come to see this clearly, we can change our thoughts and thus change the world.

The only trouble is, this is an incomplete picture. Thus, some people get great results, others get none. People then say – oh you must have some sub-conscious garbage thwarting your thinking. But really it goes deeper than that. The key word is “our”. Our thoughts, our thinking. It’s about getting out of the idea of being separate.

Perception, you see, does not arise on the level of the person. Remember – the ego or idea of being separate is an illusion. Think about it for a moment. How would the entire world arise from an idea of being separate from it? If our perception were unique for each ego, would our worlds have anything in common?

Ask yourself how it is we agree on what the world looks like, more or less. Obviously, it is a shared experience. Ah, you may say, this proves the world existed before it was perceived. Yes, by you.

The process of inquiry also takes us to this place. To whatever question that may arise, we can ask who is asking? In what space is the question arising?

Here is another question. If all of the world, the universe, and everything beyond that is just a dream or illusion, what is it but perception? Understanding perception is a key to understanding the world.

I’m not suggesting we all see the world the same way. That’s not the point of why we are here. But there is a commonality. The roads don’t change colour because we daydream that. The sky remains blue, whatever a person might like better.

So what is perception? Firstly, we want to understand that everything is the flow of consciousness, moving within Itself. Of course, we cannot really understand that until it is our experience, but if we can just get the idea that all experiences arise from the movement of consciousness or attention, this gets simpler. Thoughts are the flow of consciousness. Feelings are the flow. And Perception is the flow.

Note that thoughts are the movement, not the content. Look behind the content to the impulse that carries it.

Let’s look at this another way. What is the process of perception? Typically, we see there is an observer, there is something being observed, and there is the process or mechanics of that perception taking place. We may speak of how eyesight or hearing works.

But we have also seen how in Unity consciousness, the observer and observed are found to be the same. Only perception remains, within consciousness. Consciousness moves within itself, creating perception. This then must be closer to how it is.

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What is common to all of us that we might share our experience? Cosmic or universal mind. This is also the field of memory.

Remember that the idea we are separate is an illusion. There is no ‘other’. There is just one of us, expressing through variations to have various experiences. So there is one, with one mind.

There is a further value to this as well. If perception is the movement of consciousness, what perceives? Consciousness. What determines how it is perceived? Consciousness. What part does the individual play in this? Only by how it accepts or blames what is being experienced. If we get out of the way, it takes care of itself.

If we want to manifest stuff, we have to place it into the common reality. We have to think in the cosmic mind. Uhoh, you may think. I don’t even know what that is. How do I think from that place?

If all of our world is shared and arises from the movement of consciousness, what thoughts do we have that are not from the cosmic?

Actually, some are not. The localized existence or person does generate thoughts. But that’s mostly system processing and noise. We can also have impressions picked up from the collective, especially in a densely populated city. The clear, considered thoughts we have about life and our experiences originate in the universal. Deeper still, the still small voice or intuition may arise within the liveliness of Self Itself. But these will be occasional, subtle, and very clear. Perhaps like a Push.

Really, it’s just about thinking a little more deeply with a little more feeling. Connecting within. Not paying attention to the noise.

But don’t force it. Force is in the field of the ego, the local. Just put it out there deep and clear and see what happens. Don’t hold to too specific an outcome or that may hinder how it appears. If we observe correctly we see that most thinking is not doing, it is allowing.

This is not to say don’t act. Action is the key to success. Without action we cannot expect results.

But for inner opening, the key is allowing. It’s a balancing act as we open to what is while we continue to be of the world.

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