What Allows?

What Allows?

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Back on What Awakes, I spoke to the question of what it is that wakes up. People have many illusions about this. Many have some idea that awakening requires perfection, top health, or deep wisdom. Not at all. These are all aspects of the person or individual. This is not who we are. Nothing can stop us from being who we already are.

Fatigue, health problems, and other issues can certainly affect our experience of life but it will not change our ability to be. We simply need to fully allow what is.

Earlier this week during a conference call, another aspect of this arose. What is it that allows? We are so used to using the individual mind for our understanding that we may assume it is the mind we need to use to allow. It is not mind that allows. Being allows. When being allows, mind will then allow. Mind cannot allow itself as it does not understand allowing. Mind only understands what it can do, not what it is.

Follow the bliss, the happiness. That is where being is moving. That is the practice of allowing in doing.

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