What Awakes

What Awakes

In a discussion back at Tom’s blog, a fellow with bi-polar was asking about illness relative to spiritual progress. This turns out to be a perfect example of the difference between experience and being.

If you are struggling with an issue that will affect the clarity of your awareness, this will affect your ability to be clear on the very subtle, your experience. There might be a condition requiring medication, ongoing physical pain, swirling emotional drama, whatever may confront one in life.

But this is not a hindrance to awakening. Awakening is beyond all that. Mental fogginess, fatigue, and other noise will affect our clarity of experience but will not stop being. We remain that, whatever the expression. Rather than experiencing a sense of space or peace, it may simply seem a blank spot. The silence may stay vague. But we will know we have lost out former boundaries.

For a long time, I had the idea that enlightenment required perfection, stress free and pure. But this is about experience. The greater the clarity, the deeper the experience. But experience is not being. I’ve seen a compulsive liar wake up, a woman with huge dramas, and a grannie who didn’t want it nor any understanding. This of course really pushes the buttons of the “spiritually pure”. (laughs)

Waking is just changing who we perceive ourselves to be. We become who we always were. However muddy the perception. Of course, its easier if we’re clear and have moved past the drama. But nothing is a barrier to being. There are no obstacles, except in perception.


PS – turns out perfection comes later. Much later.
PPS – Ganesh does not remove obstacles. They were never there. He just helps us to see that. Or inversely, he removes the obstacles that are in our mind.

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