The Flow of Becoming

The Flow of Becoming

In Objective Subjectivity, I spoke of how seers can perceive subtler values of existence. Physics has discovered that the world is really a vibrating mass of energy and fields, popping into and out of existence at every moment. Seers perceive this directly and describe the vibrating ocean of existence (primordial sound), rising up into 3 primary colours (gunas), creating subtle geometric forms which structure field values onto which apparent form manifests.

They describe these surging intentions that blossom up in general shape, then settle down into apparent form. Form that is surging and flowing in every moment, shifting with the winds of change. The world is not static but fully alive, ready to shift in response to attention and thought. Every value or layer or resolution of becoming is perceivable in its own right. From the glow of life itself, through the movement of the flow through form, we stand in a sea of energy in motion. A dance. The surging buzz of the mind, the flare of colours of our feelings, and the subtle structure underlying form are all visible to the open eye. If we, as Blake said, “cleanse the doors of perception.”

You may ask why we don’t see the world this way if science and mystics tell us it is really otherwise. It is simply due to the process. For one, as noted above, our perceptual doors are filtered by mental conditioning and habits of perception. Children are open sponges, seeking to adapt to the reality of those around them so they can belong. The result is a common experience of the world.

Secondly, the mind flattens and simplifies experience so it can focus. The process is very similar to the mechanism of watching a movie. The process of perception merges the still pictures projected and filters out the blank spots, creating an experience of apparent smooth change. In this case it’s the other way. The mind smooths out the surging and shifting into an apparent stillness. And finally, the mind ‘frames’ its perceptions of the whole into the story of itself. The senses are a feedback loop for mind to confirm its story. So only what fits the story is seen. This is related to the first point but is more the underlying theme.

In effect, mind smooths out and averages the experience into an apparent stable image. We then ironically call this “reality” and lose sight of who we are and why we’re here. We say “I only believe what my senses tell me is real”, not realizing that our senses are simply a mental feedback loop. We are really saying “I only believe what my mind believes”. Rather obvious really.

The tone of mind, the dominant feelings, the health of the body – all of these are being expressed energetically by us all the time, visible to those who can and choose to look. It’s the curious idea of ego that we should have rights to our privacy, our separation as an individual. It is the ultimate in illusion. We are part of the One. Everything we think and feel and do takes place in the One. There are no secrets and no privacy. (laughs) Not to make you paranoid but oneness is not a mental idea, it is the reality of our being. Everything that is, can be known.

Just remember the old adage – Highest First. Go for the foundation in silent being, first. Going for the pretty lights or interesting experiences will just be a distraction away from the truth, the deeper wholeness. That is what will bring you peace, happiness, and all the knowledge you’d care to consider. Don’t get lost or stuck on any experience as truth. Only being is truth. Anything else is to sell a diamond for the price of spinach.


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