Understanding Growth

Understanding Growth

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When we study something like house construction or business development, we tend to shift into rational mind. The logical mind likes to organize things into time, into a linear sequence of events. First this, then this, then this. For simple systems this is quite true but nature, including human growth and development, follows a different path. A path that is radial and spiral. We can see these radial spirals throughout nature. The pattern follows what is known as the golden ratio. We see it in a snails shell, the pattern of a sunflowers seeds, and in the study of the order in disorder known as fractals. Interestingly, we also see it in the orbits of planets. We tend to see the plants as orbiting in an ellipse around the sun but they don’t at all. The sun is moving though space at over 200 km/second. If we were simply orbiting the spot, the sun would have left long ago. Instead, we spiral though space along with the sun

We also see the spiral pattern in the growth and development of consciousness. Conscious does not develop in a linear progression. It grows out, it grows in and it grows through. The unified field develops through stages into matter, what we know of as “the world.” The origin of this underlying radial spiral growth arises in the structure of consciousness I have reviewed elsewhere. In the principles that are driven by radial growth in a self-referential system.


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