Healing the temple

Goddess Temple firepit, Indian Springs, Nevada

Photo by Danny Bradury

I’ve talked in here a bunch about emotional healing. Physical healing is much the same. I have not had a lot of issues there but have had some contact with people who have. I can only offer a few observations that may help a little, should you have a healing journey.

First thing is acceptance. As long as you are resisting what is, including the physical distress, healing is compromised. This includes even pain. Pain is the bodies signal that something is wrong. Allowing the signal means it is accepted and it will subside. But as long as you push against pain, it will push back. This is not an easy trick to learn and may not work in all cases. You have to be conscious enough to do it. But dang it works well if you can simply step into the pain. Simply allow what is.

A good sign you are accepting is if you are able to share about it, to be seen as having a challenge. I don’t mean complaining at everyone that you are a victim of this illness. And I don’t mean being seen as the illness. These are resistance. I mean sharing more like you need a better dentist or your car tire has been going flat. You are asking for resources and sharing.

Another important aspect is learning about it. Adam the Dreamhealer suggests you get to know a health issue and what it looks like so you can visualize it properly. You are ready to engage it. Then see it healing, step by step. He suggests seeing it burned in fire, zapped with lightening, etc. You may notice a common element – light. Light is the flow, it is the healer. Some forms of illness are, from an energetic perspective, the bodies response to darkness, to inertia. This can include things like tumors and cysts. So what is most needed is light. Flood it with light. White is ideal but use the intuition. Sometimes white and some other colour alternated may help sooth and heal. What feels good. If you find physical light helps in your visualization use that – shine a lamp on the area and see the light all over the diseased area.

The ego has a habit of making things wrong to make its sense of self right. You want to avoid any ideas that the body is wrong. Don’t make your body wrong to feel better. Your body is magnificent and has the ability to self-heal if you give it the right instructions and attention. See it and feel it being better and better.

If you are a meditator and know Samyama or sidhis (siddhis), that is the enhanced version of attention. Focused intention within open awareness gives you an exponential step up in power. But in any case, that is the key – open awareness and simple focus or intention. This is not about mind, it is about energy.

These tools are very powerful resources we can direct at any part of our life.
Don’t resist it, that is darkness. Allow it, then heal it.


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