the Waking

the Waking

“David Hawkins, in his book, Power vs. Force outlines precisely what level of consciousness, measured in energy, is required to  counterbalance the lower levels of consciousness. When enough of us become enlightened (allegedly calculated to the square root of 1% of the world’s population which is just over 8,000 people), the level of consciousness of the entire universe will shift. Hawkins even states the numbers and claims that we have, in fact, already reached ‘critical mass’. ACIM states that when this level of consciousness reaches this point the manifestation of our thought energy will be the disappearance of the entire universe, just as our present thought energy manifests the universe as it is now. When we wake up and know that none of this is real – it is only the Matrix – it will cease to exist. Upon our awakening from the dream we will be back home in the Infinite Energy with our Creator. As yet, the only reason we have yet to experience this is because of the slow vibration of the dense physicality in which we live. It has occurred already at the spiritual level. As David Icke says, those who want to keep us entrapped in the density of the never ending matrix, what the Hindus call the never-ending cycle of death and re-birth will simply fail, which is why they are flailing in their desperation to keep us from becoming enlightened. Yet it is already done. This is a very exciting time. Very soon we will experience it.”
— Anonymous

I should note that its not so much that the universe disappears than that the illusory perception disappears. First, we wake from the illusion of individuality, the ego. Then the illusion or dream of the Universe. Then the dream of all creation. Everything ceases to be, we transcend even existence itself. We discover we are the one lively silent awareness and nothing else is. And then we discover it is all the One thing – the Universe is real, but not as something separate as we have once perceived. Now it is something close and intimate, it is us. We have to wake up from the illusion before we can find what is real.

Maharishi also used the sq. root of 1% and demonstrated it numerous times by bringing a group into an area. Crime and accident rates would suddenly drop, even stopping wars. When the group left, things would return to the usual. And the group wasn’t even awake yet.

I covered why we’re not seeing much obvious yet at the end of a prior post, Whats Up?

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