The Universe is Dreaming Itself Awake

The Universe is Dreaming Itself Awake

A friend of mine sent me an excellent article by Paul Levy.

“When you begin to spiritually awaken, it is like waking up inside of a dream and recognizing that everything you are experiencing is nothing other than a very convincing projection, or display of your mind. The boundary between inner and outer, between dreaming and waking starts to dissolve, and you begin to realize that the same dreaming mind that is dreaming your dreams at night is dreaming your life. You realize that there is a Deeper Dreaming Self that is having a dream and we are it!

This Deeper Dreaming Self is active in us at all times and is continually seeking to express it itself. If we recognize the dreaming process that is happening right now, we can step into it and help it unfold consciously. It will activate our own inherent process of awakening and reconnect us with ourselves.

It is as though there is a dream that is trying to be dreamt through each and all of us — both individually and collectively. The universe is seen as a field not separate from and through which this deeper, dreaming process is continually expressing it itself.

Recognizing the deeper dream, or archetypal myth that we have been unconsciously acting out in our waking life reconnects us not only with the deeper ground of the psyche but also with other people, as everybody is seen to be fellow actors in a divine drama. It takes one’s life out of a purely personal framework and gives it a deeper sense of meaning, which makes suffering so much more bearable.

When you begin to awaken to the dream-like nature of things you realize that waking reality doesn’t exist in the way you thought it did, as something separate from you. Saying it is a dream, your own projection, reflection, etc. is the same thing as saying it is nothing other than your own mind appearing in a convincing, externalized display. Everything that happens is seen to be the unmediated expression of your mind, which you now understand can just as easily express it itself in outer events as it does in inner feelings, dreams or intuitions.”

The rest of the article: (no longer online)

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  1. Jason

    I am the Universe and the Universe is me which always reprojects this same exact image of itself as proof of itself since space( existence) can never be an object of itself therefore I always have and I always will rewrite this same exact comment again by always first believing I am writing this comment. Repeat is eternity as eternity is repeat. The Universe is the origin story(image) of itself as a reproductive state of itself(proof of self existence).

  2. Jason

    If a reproductive state is eternity then eternity is a reproductive state, now(the present) can never not be now(the present), consciousness therefore is a fiction as the present to reproduce itself as proof of itself as the present reproduction. It’s hard to put in words one’s own reality but change doesn’t exist but the belief of change exist because it’s through the belief of change that one is proof of one’s own existence. If you watch a movie the movie isn’t really changing and if you rewatch the movie forever then you can always believe the movie is changing because you can’t believe you’re watching a movie unless you believe the movie is really changing but reality never changes including the belief that reality is always changing.

    1. What suggests a reproductive state is eternal? A story or image of itself may play out seemly endlessly, but that’s an appearance. It’s not inherently eternal. Again, this is a perspective.

      The above link on time discusses the various perspectives of it. None are more true than any other.

      Why is consciousness a fiction if it’s effects are? What is here if there is nothing to experience it?
      Perspectives vary but thats due to the position of the experiencer, not the experiencing itself.

      Self awareness is awareness of itself, not awareness of objects in experience that are transitory.

  3. Jason

    Consciousness therefore is a fiction as the present for the present to reproduce itself as the present reproduction by playing itself as consciousness(awareness) so that it can reproduce itself as proof of itself by playing itself as being self aware of itself.

    1. You’re confusing content with what is observing that. Content is inherently temporary but the fount from which content arises is not.

      I suspect you’re also thinking mind awareness is the awareness when it’s a secondary function that goes offline during sleep. That does come and go. Actual pure awareness does not come and go.

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