What is real?

What is real?

From a discussion about reality….

There is an important detail to understand. The deeper we go, the simpler the dynamics. Greater order and beauty. But as we move closer to pure consciousness, the details become less, boundaries become more generalized. In order for us to experience and thus understand these dynamics, we “personalize” it. We lay our conscious perspective onto consciousness. Kind of like anthropomorphizing. We express the underlying patterns in an as if dream form.

Each of us thus perceive these underlying values uniquely. This is why we see the variation in different faiths of the world. One message through many forms. Indeed, this is the whole purpose of the dream, of the expression of Universe. A vehicle for experience and understanding, for It to know Itself.

The form is thus the vehicle for understanding the principles but is in itself not real. If we see it as a ladder to knowledge, we will learn. If we see it as “reality”, we are being captured in the dream, the Maya.

It is what is communicated, the “know” part that is key.


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