Time of the Sixth Sun

Time of the Sixth Sun

A film in post-production (?) on the current age and the many prophesies about it. Mayan, Hopi, etc – see the 2012 link for a list. Viewed as stages in the evolution of consciousness.

timeofthesixthsun.com [this link is now broken]

One can observe that research into the Mayan calendar now considers Oct of 2011 to be the actual “end date”. Also that traditional Hindu views of the Yugas place the change many thousands of years away, but other interpretations such as Yukteswars sees it in about 150 years. Nonetheless, it is quite apparent that change is underway in consciousness. Unprecedented numbers of people are waking up and this trend seems to be increasing rapidly. That in itself is a clear symptom of change and cannot help but cause a shift itself.

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