global conscious awareness

global conscious awareness

Recently, a group of us was asked how we envision global conscious awareness…

From my perspective, there is only one silent alertness. Much more than just global, or even Universal. It is everywhere, infusing everything. Yet is beyond any “thing”, beyond even the dream of God.

You touch on the process. It begins within, with our own discovery of our transcendental nature, beyond the mind. With experience and allowing, we become that, that which we already are. We wake up to our true nature. Wake up from the dream of separateness.

With time in that state, the silence moves out into our experience of the world, absorbing the mind, heart and gut. Each area expands to infinity, inclusive of the community and humanity you spoke of. Indeed, the second opening of the heart, to the flow of the divine, makes our connection with all humanity possible. We can experience all of the joy and all of the suffering of all humanity within the ocean of love. With the full absorption of the person, the sense of identity is lost and we wake from the larger dream, the dream of creation, the dream of God.

And then we are truly One. The only One we ever were, here and now. Not one in concept. Not one in belief. Not one in feeling. But One in Being. We are that.

That journey is why we are here.

For myself, I don’t see that as a vision. I see that as the natural consequence of being. The natural progression of awareness coming to know itself. It will fulfill the vision of Global Conscious Awareness and much more. It will fulfill God.

To the mind, it may seem daunting. Simply because the progression is something beyond mind so it cannot comprehend it. But we can be it. We can be One. And we will be. And we already are.

The fulfillment of the One is only through the all. There is nothing not One. It will take all of us to complete the process. A natural process into becoming a normal, ordinary, and unlimited aspect of One.

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