Stages of manifestation

Stages of manifestation

Recently, we discussed a video from a Chiropractic seminar,  a talk discussing the Evolution of Consciousness based on the “Concept Therapy” model. These are my thoughts on the Stages the presenter refers to.

He’s using some of the terminology a little loosely, like using etheric as spiritual and making astral mental. Although that appears to be his use of an existing model.

More precisely, there is consciousness. It is individuated (but never separated) in what is typically called soul.

This expresses locally through the causal field, what we might call the ideas level or higher mental, the intellect and imagination. We tune “up” via the intuition.

That expresses more concretely through the emotional body where we experience thoughts and lower feelings. Also called Astral, although I avoid the term as its badly abused.

What has typically been called the etheric is the pre-physical, what science calls electromagnetic. This is where things actually manifest. The morphic fields Sheldrake describes, etc. (recall that “ether” is one of the 5 elemental qualities that blend to form the elements.) This forms the structure into which the physical is expressed.

Its more accurate to think of it as being like a continuum, but with discrete increments within, not unlike how an electron shifts orbits at certain energy values. The levels interpenetrate one another.

Its also better to avoid ideas of other dimensions and places and think of them as concurrent, here and now, simply operating at different resolutions.

These are the energy resolutions an idea follows to manifest. In the video’s model, the energy values of different levels gains qualities. The qualities already exist in the idea at its inception. What happens is they progressively manifest as it moves into expression. Organization expresses the inherent intelligence, for example.

And finally, its worth observing that this is a considerable simplification. Each of the “bodies” expresses the full range of energy, from fear to unity, from earthy thoughts to the heights of imagination.

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