Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Watching You Without Me by Mayr
Watching You Without Me by Mayr

Stephen Chang has written a 3-part series on “A Journey into Awakening,” ‘Who Am I’ in the different stages of the process. While he frames some things slightly differently from how I do, he writes in a similar style: what he’s learned from his own experience.

Part 1 talks about the ego and its development. He talks about Witnessing as the first stage of Cosmic Consciousness, followed by actual Self Realization.  

Part 2 explores Cosmic Consciousness further, then Unity stage.

Part 3 talks about Unity into Brahman. He touches on Refined Brahman.

I know his process has gone further, but he hasn’t covered that yet.

I wrote a similar multi-part series in 2008.

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  1. John R

    Congratulations Stephen! Or should we call you Stevidya? 🙂

    Seriously, Stephen’s posts are very nicely written. Considering how difficult it is to talk or write about the subject matter, all of the posts are on point while still having a nice flow. As you (David), Stephen, and I – and others – have discussed on various occasions recently, it’s a joy not only to be blessed with these awakenings, but also to witness the awakenings as they are happening for others. The more, the merrier!

    1. Agreed, John. It’s been a remarkable experience to not only experience the much-studied process actually unfold, but to see that in many others. That really helps clarify what the underlying process is, under all the variations.

  2. Gui

    Hi David!
    I was reading a few old texts of yours and then I started to wonder how aware You are of the beauty of this divine expression called David F. Buckland or Davidya 🙂 .
    Even though you have this amazing capacity to feel and experience the flow of consciousness in its infinite amount of expressions I still ask myself if you can see your own beauty as much as we can, and as ´´we” I mean everyone that you helped along the way and everyone that is yet to be helped and touched by your light.

    Thank you for having the bravery to be yourself, to live your life to the fullest, and in choosing to share all this light, a light filled with ethics, love, wisdom and compassion, helping a countless amount of people on their spiritual path in an age with so much “darkness”(ignorance).

    You bravery has infected me and many others im sure, thank you for being so beautiful, and most importantly thank You for being yourself, what a gift to everyone that is <3.

    P.s: I felt this need to express gratitude but I also read the article! (laughs) Im excited to check Stephens writings, thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Ah, thanks, Gui.
      Becoming more conscious means becoming more aware of the beauty and profundity of creation. While that includes this form, it also means becoming more conscious of what’s resisting and what’s not there yet in general. That tends to moderate self-admiration. (laughs)

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