Sri Yantra: The Oregon Desert Mystery

Sri Yantra: The Oregon Desert Mystery

Peace to the Earth by storebukkebruse
Peace to the Earth by storebukkebruse

Some readers may enjoy this film about a small group of artists who built a large Sri Yantra in a remote Oregon desert. They never expected it to be noticed.

However, it was photographed by the National Guard, then claimed to be made by a UFO. When the group came forward to debunk this, they were dismissed as part of a government conspiracy.

Yet the film shows them accurately making the large earthwork with traditional techniques. They also describe meditating in it afterwards.





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  1. paul brown

    Bill Witherspoon was such a dedicated TM teacher, I recall. He put his all into the advanced lectures we would attend, as “baby meditators” in Iowa City. Bless You, Bill Witherspoon.
    This video brings to mind a book we attempted to understand a while back, regarding a wandering civilization in India, which would do elaborate rituals in the wilds, and then move on.

  2. Shanmukha

    This makes me wonder… have you ever written about Maharishi’s talk on the 10 Totalities, ten levels of Brahm? It had all to do with shapes and I’m curious what you’d say about it.

    1. I’ve not done an article on the topic but did research it in detail. I decided it’s not a model I relate to.

      To me, there is a single totality (hence the name). That expresses in a series of stages in saguna Brahm, but to me, it’s a 1 into 3 into 7, etc. I don’t relate to the model.

      I’m not sure about this one, but some of his later projects seemed more mental exercises than literal descriptions. Nader’s Human Physiology book, for example, is not expected to be taken literally.

      On the flip side, I have written on his cognition of the Apaurusheya Bhashya. That’s an illustration of the level of intelligence in Vyasa’s gathering of the Rig Veda and the original cognitions.

      1. Shanmukha

        Extremely interesting. Could you elaborate on why you think this, about the model? What seems objectively non-literal about the ten levels of Brahm? That talk makes absolutely no sense to me so I’m interested in your insights on it.

        I’ve read your Apaurusheya Bhashya article way back and it’s still beautiful, a great treatise on this great work.

        1. Hi Shanmukha
          Because it doesn’t correspond to my experience and there are other examples of mental exercises he’s used.

          Now certainly, I’ve not experienced everything and there may be another perspective that supports this. But I’m not sure how. As mentioned, Totality is by it’s nature one. The world expresses and apparent other unfolds within that but never makes it more than one. etc.

          To my experience, it is qualities of Divinity that become consciousness that creates form and experience. Totality itself remains that.

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