Dawn on the Salish Sea

Our potential vistas are remarkable. Even on the physical level, we have the vast range of beings in our bodies, including our cells and microbiome, around us, from the tiny to the very large, in other solar systems, and on a galactic scale.

Each more subtle layer is closer to Source and thus more rich with life. The diversity is near infinite. We build life on life; we consume life (prana) to live, and we’re built of smaller life forms (cells).

There are beings smaller than we can see and galactic scale beings who are so vast it’s difficult to comprehend. Yet we can experience all of it.

We structure our creation to experience itself more fully through all the details. To get at all the details, specific styles of experiencing and perspective are required. Experiencers arise to meet each style. This is why there is such a diversity of beings. Each of us has our own combination of laws of nature to experience being in a specific way.

Similarly, our own unfolding through life is a sequence of styles of experience. This way, we might tackle more than one style in one lifetime. And each lifetime brings another selection.

And in the process, we also grow to experience a greater and greater range of other kinds of beings. The potential vistas are incredibly vast. There isn’t time in a single life to even experience all of it.

However, if we come to know our true nature, we know and are that which is all of it. “Knowing which, everything is known.” – Mundaka Upanishad

Then we grow in the fullness of knowing and the fullness of being. And it is all expressions of our own nature.

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  1. Bojan Vranić

    Hi David
    Who are galactic scale beings? Where is their location? What is their lifespan, do they go through a process of reincarnation and enlightenment?
    I’ve never heard of them and i am so intriged!

    1. Hi Bojan
      I don’t know much. Just had the experience of them existing, at a size that was hard to comprehend. And yet they had a common style of form.

      I’ll probably learn more over time but it’s something I’ll allow to unfold organically.

  2. Gina

    And yet, we seem to exist at a size in the very middle between the very very tiny and the very very large. I’ve heard it said that we are blessed by this size because only at this size can we ‘see’ both extremes. Can those at the tinniest size or at the galactic size ‘see’ us? Of course by ‘see’ I’m not merely referring to sight.

    1. Hi Gina!
      Yes, indeed. Nassim Haramein illustrates this beautifully.
      I’d not heard that but we are optimum in many ways, following the template of the comic body.

      In general, the very tiny are only aware of their near environment. The exception there would be the devata who are profoundly aware.

      hmmm – galactic scale beings are aware of us as a collective. ie: they know the planet is populated.

  3. Bojan Vranić

    Hi David.
    I watched a video about superclusters. They are huge, hundreds of millions of light-years in size! Those galactic scale beings must be truly incomprehensible… Their lifespan, the way of experiencing themself and others…
    Mary, it seems both of us are fascinated by them…
    God(ess) is great, isn’t he/she?!

    1. Thanks. I was there but I think I missed this talk. Rick Archer was presenting then.

      SAND often doesn’t provide recording gear for the sessions downstairs, so presenters have to organize that themselves. A lot of good content didn’t get captured. My talks were recorded by friends.

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