When It’s Time

When It’s Time

Time by Mark Morgan
Time by Mark Morgan

Nature works hard to fulfill all our desires. That may sound like a goofy and idealistic statement, but let’s explore.

First, what do I mean by nature? Within universal consciousness, there are three aspects: the experiencer, the process of experience, and the experienced.

The experiencer is you, the one having the experiences and desires.

The process of experience structures and gives rise to experiences, the world around us. The laws of nature or devas do this structuring. Together, they are nature, giving rise to our natural world, the play of life.

Nature works to sustain and evolve the field of experience, our world.

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts…”
– from As You Like It, William Shakespeare.

Our job is to experience and to grow through that process. We add our experiences to the collective and grow together.

Desires drive us to act, learn, and grow. Put another way, they are the drivers of nature.

In spiritual circles, desires can be demonized. Yet desires are not the problem. In fact they are necessary for us to even get out of bed in the morning, to brush our teeth, have breakfast, and so forth. They drive the bus of action.

The issue with desires is attachment. When we’re identified with a me and see the world as “mine”, our possessions possess us. We take things personally. We get confused about what we want and desire inappropriately.

For example, rather than being inspired by a beautiful car or gem, we want to possess it, make it mine. We don’t just enjoy it, we crave it. Yet possession never satisfies for long. It always wants more, like a gluttonous beast.

A key to understand nature is that it works in the context of the whole. We’re a part of that whole.

When we have a desire, nature will organize to fulfil it. But there are a few points to review.

– are we in tune with who we are and why we’re here? If so, our desires will be in tune with nature and well supported. If not, the desires will be out of sync, harder to support, and will cause undesired consequences.

– to sustain the world, nature has to maintain balance, so when we move out of balance, nature has to compensate. We can experience this as difficulties.

This is one of the key advantages of awakening – we know who we are and thus automatically step more in tune with nature. We’re of the same source.

– do we support our own desires? Often we thwart them with doubt, acting against them, and conflicting desires.

For example, we may desire a partner yet fear loss of freedom or a repeat of a prior awful experience. Or we may simultaneously desire a single lifestyle. Our desires are conflicting and can cancel each other energetically.

It’s very helpful to heal our past so we’re supporting ourselves and nature. And to be clear about what we want and what we put our attention on. Negativity is poison for positive laws of nature who work on the level of fine feelings to support us.

– everything is in context of the whole as the world is one. Thus, there is also a timing question. When can our desire be fulfilled in the most integrated way? How can everyone be supported in this process?

I continue to be surprised by timing. Some things just flow effortlessly. Some things stall and no apparent solution arises. And then suddenly, there it is, and then it flows. Sometimes, the result arises years later. Its time had come.

Nature is profoundly integrated and efficient in ways we can’t even fathom. We’re not designed to experience that way. Yet we can recognize their efficiency. Often, their solution is superior to anything we could imagine.

It takes time to learn to work with and trust nature. So many of our habits can be contrary. It takes repeated recognition of support. And recognition that lack of support is because they’re trying to steer us elsewhere, to our mutual benefit.

I spent a couple of years trying to maintain an old career that was failing before I finally changed course. When I did change directions and followed where I was pointed, I unexpectedly got a grad degree. I was so late applying, they said it would take a miracle to happen. But it did.

Healing helps immensely so we move out of doubt and negativity and self-defeating behaviours. In time, we can learn to work with life and find fulfilment beyond expectation. We support the world and the world supports us. We feed nature and nature feeds us. Our relationship with life becomes progressively more profound.

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  1. Jeff

    You could expand on the statement “nature feeds us and we feed nature”. We have a symbiotic relationship with natural law. It take both humans and the devas to sustain creation. When we put our attention on them, they radiate divine beauty.. This is a tool that draws us in closer to them. This allows them to feed upon our soma, and in turn, they support our actions. Many of the Gods will sustain our relationship with divine love. The Gods love unconditionally. So we together create a cycle of love and being loved, love and being loved.

    I feel that this is our highest dharma at this time. Because as we feed them, this in turn awakens, enlivens, and strengthens natural law. Laws of nature awaken to support a new age, we in this process find that we have new abilities, that we once thought we’re impossible to accomplish. But in reality, anything is possible.

    Talk about good karma. Nothing else that we can do can top this.

    1. Agreed, Jeff. That wasn’t the theme of the article but much can be said about this as it’s the essence of our role in the field of action and the role of nature. As with the comment below, awareness can really amplify the dynamics.

      Even on the surface, many beings consider us dolts because we don’t recognize, acknowledge or appreciate their work. In fact, we often trash it unconsciously. When we’re conscious of them, we can enjoy and appreciate and they feel supported and will support us.

      On the more subtle levels, soma plays a profound role in upgrading them and their ability to support us. It changes the rules of the game dramatically.

      And yes, with enough healing, the heart opens and we can flow universal love. That’s a magnet for the good.

      Agreed, this has an important role in the rising age. This helps move it along but also helps smooth the process. At the moment, the world is experiencing a lot of fear. This makes the transition rougher. The more that flow soma and broadcast love, the smoother and faster it will be.

      1. Jeff

        When I was working, I could feel different sets of laws of nature that governed different professions. As a result nature could not wait support my actions as I raised millions in funds to support at-risk youth. As a community college trustee, was able to help raise over 250 million dollars to build 7 new buildings and renovate the rest of the campus. All of this was completely effortless. Nature just arranged to pull everything together at local, State and National levels. Now as a retiree, my attention is completely on enlivening natural law. Life is bliss.

        1. Yes, different places, businesses, types of work, etc. I’ve seen research on the dominant memes of different cities. Finding work, place, and friends that harmonize with our laws is key.

          Nowadays, I’m surprised when things are not easy. Sometimes a little karma or purification in play. Sometimes, something not seen yet. For example, we can move into new periods where our laws of nature change emphasis. This can call on a new career, for example, which may not be apparent at first. Just increasing struggles with the old.

  2. Michael Jaksch

    Hi David!

    Very well written.

    In ancient alchemical traditions they describe something similiar 3 fold.
    Have you heard of this?

    They call that destiny…
    1. Human destiny is a normal human live controlled by karma.
    2. Heavenly destiny is what you describe….going with the flow, working with the flow etc.
    3. Is original destiny and part of the goal of ancient alchemy…it states “my destiny is not in heaven but within me”. One learns to create ones own destiny and thereby becoming an immortal (physically and light body also) .
    At this point (of course very high level) one has complete “controll” over all aspects and it is said that the devas bow to an immortal (like Jesus commanded the wind) (i also have talked with Wind devas and sometimes they accepted my whish but i am far from being able to command them
    Have you heard of something like this?


    1. Hi Michael
      No, I’ve not heard of this but it’s similar to the experience.
      – the human body, life, and dharma
      – the cosmic body, life, and dharma, flow, etc.
      – the Divine body, life, and dharma.
      These come online at different points in the sattva side of the journey. As such “ones own destiny” isn’t about the personal but our role in the larger scheme of things.

      The Yoga Sutra (I’m working on a translation and commentary) mentions related things like mastery of the elements and an invincible (vajra) body. The potential is remarkable and I’m seeing it grow in others I know.

  3. Michael Jaksch

    Hi David!

    Ahh very interesting!

    Btw…i tried to edit my last post (during the edit time) but it would not work (would not load in the corrections) Still software issues?

    Could you write an article about the divine body ? (or just a few lines here)
    I know the cosmic body but i am not established there.

    You mean Lorne etc?
    I saw a recent video of him and his physical form is definitely transmutating and his subtle bodies are off the charts.

    Much love

    1. Hi Michael

      Sometimes updates break things. I’ll keep an eye on that. – just tested and it worked here. Be sure you don’t have anything blocking it in your browser.

      With the ParaBrahman shift, the body gets immersed in Divinity over time. That creates a Divine body. This process kicked up a lot here and in the collective so it’s still in process. We become a means to spiritually awaken devas through immersion. I talked about this some here:

      I mean people I know in related stages who’ve spoken to me about their experience.
      Yes, Lorn lives a simple life devoted to practice and he has that gift of helping people shift stages. That brings immense blessings.

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