What is the Meaning of Easter?

What is the Meaning of Easter?

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Recently, I was asked by Kimberlie of Conscious Living Jewel to submit a short answer to the above question. She’s requested short responses from a number of people, including ones I’ve mentioned like Ishtar Ishaya and Susanne Marie. These will be posted daily this month. This is my submission:

At Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. However, what that actually means in a practical sense has been lost. Now, Self Realization is unfolding in many, leading to a revival of ancient knowledge of the unfolding of spiritual enlightenment. Some are progressing to further stages. A picture is emerging of how the ancient maps of unfolding stages of enlightenment are being experienced in the current time.

However, there’s a big difference between shifts in consciousness and a full embodiment. Those inner shifts have to move forward through the layers of our being, waking the intellect, the heart, the mind, and the body.

These are each progressively more dense and thus slower to catch up. We also have to be willing to “face our demons” and resolve what is unmet within these layers.

Happily, we’re in this together. As more and more make progress, it becomes easier for everyone. The collective rises.

With sufficient refinement, the body becomes an expression of light. For Jesus to have embodied Christ and risen from limitation is indeed something to celebrate. He is eternal and a beacon for us all.

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  1. Jessie Lahr

    I like the broad scoped neutral technical view of this ‘picture.’
    Allows viewing, consideration of, and acceptance of the entire diverse human scene / beliefs
    without debilitating emotional biases and overtones!!! Thank you, David.

  2. Tim Owens

    “Happily, we’re in this together. As more and more make progress, it becomes easier for everyone. The collective rises.”
    My meditations and my life are becoming absolutely effervescent, and it’s all so effortless. This can’t be all me. I really believe things are just waking up all over, and we’re riding the wave.

    1. Beautiful, TO
      Yes, riding the wave but also giving it power by being with it. Some have given power to rising fear in the collective purification and created new dramas. Where we are in our own cycles and what we give our attention to make a big difference in our personal experience.

      But yes, it’s been amazing to watch so many wake up and unfold further stages. The collective is rising all boats but if you don’t recognize whats unfolding, it can seem the opposite. 🙂

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