Who Knows?

Hedge at Audley End House by Caroline
Hedge at Audley End House by Caroline

An important detail to understand about this blog is that it’s not about the wisdom of some person named Davidya. It’s not “my” knowledge.

Someone who sees themselves as a person has a limited capacity for knowing. This is partly because there is a “me” claiming to know. That identification creates limitations, keeping us in a bit of a box. It also limits us to sensory experiences. But as the entanglements of a me fall away, the fetters on knowing fall away too. (As they also do with love, compassion, energy, and more.)

After a clear awakening, the intellect associates with silent being instead of the mind. Thus it becomes clear and resolute. In Unity, we become (recognize we are) whatever we experience, bringing new ways of knowing. Then the intelligence within experiences gradually becomes obvious – particularly into the Refined Unity stage.

This is not to dismiss the role of the person. The knowledge is still arising through the laws of nature of this form. The body-mind is the vehicle of expression and it will have certain abilities and inclinations. We’ll put attention on some areas and not others. What we experience, how we understand it, and how we’ll express that will vary. We may favour poetry, physicality, support, presence, healing, words, or some other style.

I’m also yet to meet a person free of shadow. Whatever knowledge we can recognize, it’s still coming through that filter too.

Putting all this another way, the more Davidya forgets, the more knowledge becomes available. But Davidya remains the vehicle of expression. That shows up here as writing.

Fundamental reality is profoundly simple. But when expressed through the multiplicity of forms, the interplay get complicated. The laws of action are very simple, for example. But they get very complex in play. Mind is designed to work with the world and senses. It’s not designed to recognize the simplicity of reality. But that can be known through being.

The deeper you go, the simpler and more universal it gets. When we become established and work from deeper levels, our vision and understanding deepen and broaden and become more universal. For example, in mathematics, they discovered that a 9-page long formula to describe gluon particle dynamics could be reduced to a one-term expression in an underlying geometry (geometry is more fundamental than fields).

To go deeper, we have to let go of the box the me wants to stay in. We have to transcend. Then we step out of the boundaries of knowing something and the concepts that creates. Those concepts are just symbols of reality, not reality itself. Like a map, they are but pointers.

As such, the goal of this blog is to point to what is behind all the words.

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  1. Deborah

    This is beautiful timing. Not awake however, i have been very aware of not knowing….about anything really. How can I have an opinion? Whose would it be? What do I really know? I just know what I see in front or inside of me, and that seems a very limited perspective….I seem to ‘see’ what my conditioning notices.

    I feel very curious. Thanks again for a provocative essay.

      1. Kerri Heffernan

        Thank you David for being the vehicle. I just had an ah ha moment while reading this so I need to look deeper. I am the girl with the rash on her face. I wrote on your blog prior. I started to eat more towards an Ayurvedic diet. I am a PVK for eating which is extremely limiting. The changes Iโ€™ve made already is clearing my rash. While reading this blog it came to me that it might be my Ego that is creating this food limitation. I have strong beliefs around food and strong body image issues and always have. Could it be my Ego that is causing me to want an extreme limitation on what I am eating? Are my beliefs creating my reality with this food/rash, etc… I feel that I need to really sit and meditate on this. Thoughts?

        1. Hi Kerri
          Ah good. Usually, there is a combination of things but yes. Very much the egos desire for control can create major limitations. A belief in being not good enough can lead to all sorts of things, for example. Perhaps your parents disciplined using food and you’ve carried that forward, for example. Mind can exaggerate a minor physical issue to justify itself. And on and on.
          Innocent noticing how we feel about things and the stories the mind plays can be very insightful. It takes time to see through as our self-defining cage can be well hidden. But in time, it reveals itself. Once you recognize the beliefs and resolve the emotions behind them, they can dissolve.
          Give yourself time. Big changes don’t happen overnight. But it does sound like you’ve had some major insights and have made productive changes.
          Just be careful not to get into conflict over it. Thats another way ego controls. “I don’t like the way ego X”, yet it’s ego that is making the statement. It’s happy to fight with itself to distract from insight.

    1. Well put, Gina. Transcendence is a necessary step but then we have to bring that forward into the life to live it. We’re living through this body-mind, so how can we work with the tools we have?
      Much more enjoyable than grumbling about our lot and blaming others…

    1. Hi Gina
      Good question. No. The vehicle can become filled with light. I suspect at some point the physical becomes so purified as to become virtual, an appearance alone. But I’ve not met any examples of that yet (to my awareness).
      By shadow, I’m describing what it looks like. We might call it unresolved karma, remains of ignorance, incomplete emotions, stress, and so forth. Places where the light hasn’t gotten in yet.
      When the shadows are thick enough, we can’t see our true nature and become identified with our individuality. But when the shadows thin and we discover our universal nature, the individuality remains. Only then it’s recognized like a wave on the ocean rather than something separate.
      I’ve been amused to see that the individuality actually increases when we drop the fetters that used to limit it’s expression. Just consider any famous sage – all were very distinct personalities. But they no longer experienced themselves as being that. It’s more like having a foot or arm, an aspect of how we do stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jim

    Hi David – good article on how the individual reflects his universal nature. Thank you.
    One comment about the shadow, or unseen layered elements of a person. Living Brahman there may be shadow elements, but these are quickly brought to light. it is the service and duty of the Divine to do so at this point, and Divinity never shirks its responsibilities.
    Then it is the sold out nature of surrender in Brahman that ensures we must face and resolve any shadows. Totality always sees itself, and the surrender to Totality is so great that we must hold up our end of the bargain.
    Even though it is technically always a choice, in Reality there is no choice. Denial or hiding or distracting or fooling oneself are no longer options when living Brahman. We always walk directly and gratefully into the fires of resolution and purification.
    So the quickest and most effective way to resolve shadows in one’s life is to live Brahman. We don’t have to do it ourselves alone as Divinity is always our companion, aiding us and ensuring completion.
    PS I hope you don’t mind me sprinkling croutons into your soup! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Jim
      As the light rises within, the shadows become more clear. However, I’ve been surprised by all the little sub-spaces where they’re more hidden.
      Not to mention the stuff in the collective that becomes more clear when we becomes the universal.
      I’d say the process really kicks up with Self Realization (CC), depending on how clear it is. But yeah, the further we go, the more acceptance is needed. And yes, that arises from trust in the process as we become familiar and see results.
      And yes, I do mind – I’m on a diet so croutons are off the menu. (laughs)

    1. Hi John
      Well – it depends on your experience. Experience is different in different stages.
      Certainly, there are philosophical positions about reality but theres some variation in what they mean by That.
      For example, from the perspective of universal consciousness as That, yes. All experience is consciousness experiencing, all form is arising in consciousness, and so forth. See:
      The more traditional texts refer to That as Brahman. There the dynamics of experience are seen somewhat differently but are part of a process of realizing the nature of That through consciousness.
      But rather than supporting the mind’s desire for the “right answer”, it’s more useful to look to what is real for you now. Certainly there is value in understanding how it can unfold. But if you’re not paying attention to what is true now, it’s just mind.
      As other articles have noted, I also recommend a transcending technique to go beyond the mind and experience That directly. ๐Ÿ™‚

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